The Actions and Plans on Pimax after-sale services



sorry,the resetting password of the support system has a bug,our IT engineer is trying to fix it. please send me you email by PM, I will check internally.

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I get the same error



I also posted this in another section, but I just saw that you are the go to guy.

|ORDER P124228|

I bought a 5k plus yesterday because the store said in stock. I received an email that we are preparing your shipment. Exact statement below.

"## Thank you for your purchase!
Hi Judith, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent. "

Now I read here that Backers and pre-paid have not been fulfilled and ahead of me.
What is the real situation? If it is true that many others are ahead of me you should remove the in stock claimer in the store.

What is the real estimated delivery time?

All of this was said from a happy person. Please keep me happy. :slight_smile:




[P123047] alias [P121942] cause of Pimax Problem.
Where is the Headset @mozi


You’re beginning now.We’ve been doing this for almost two years…please calm down



Welcome - this is a much needed improvement and part of the growth pangs Pimax is enduring being the only provider of a decent consumer/enthusiast level VR Headset. Some of us realise where Pimax has come from and have patience to endure the growth pains a small operation has to become a larger concern with hardware that is leading the way.

Thank you for the Support Roadmap and for people with issues - hang in there but with polite patience and I am sure Pimax will deal with your issues.


Hello @mozi,

If only you were there earlier, the lack of communication made me ask for a refund, at least it was confirmed by mail, is it true ? I don’t know.

Can you check for order : P123239 please ?
I would like to know how far in the process my order was.
Depending on the status I may cancel my refund if possible or just rebuy it :stuck_out_tongue:
If someone order today, when can he hope to see a tracking number ? Realistically of course :slight_smile:

There has been a big wonder about order number, it seems it jump around order 20’000 to 120’000 , any official answer to this ?

It’s quite urgent to fix this “unfullfilled” status on people order which edited their address or filled the KS survey dozen of time .

Welcome in the jungle, and I ll try to apply to helping your team, i am to eager to help after what i felt waiting in the dark.

[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report

We shipped out from SH at 27th Feb. but for some unknown reason this batch still on the way, we are checking with logistic partner and feedback you later


Thanks for this fast answer,
It’s very sad I had no update on 27th feb leaving Sh. Looking forward to ear updates about my others questions :slight_smile:


other questions I need to check and feedback you tomorrow.


will ship out from SH before 25th this month


Communication is key, along with accuracy of information. For example, I am currently awaiting a replacement headset. Last week when I created a support ticket, which was responded to promptly:

Now we have enough headsets in US warehouse. We could send out the replacement headset asap.

Before shipment, we would like need your great support to return us the issue headset first. Once we received and confirm it, the shipment will be done asap.

So I shipped my headset and Pimax Florida office had it in 2 days. Yesterday I followed up as we were approaching 1 week after Pimax received my faulty headset and my update was:

We sent a new headset from SH to US warehouse on 3/10. After the headset arrives at the US, our staff in US will arrange the shipment and provide the tracking number to you. Now it is on the way from SH to US

This type of communication reduces confidence in support, my experience has been great until this point and I believe the replacement will be many weeks out at this point waiting for the boat to arrive, customs clearance, and then distribution. Which is fine, I just don’t know why make the comments that there was some in stock locally in the US, which sort of setup expectations that I’d have a quicker turn-around.


Before 25th this month,we will ship out from SH.


Hi @mozi , i’m the preorder 123120 on 14th January for 5k+ and don’t have any reply by mail about shipement and i saw on reddit that uk customers who order on 9th february already have their headset. Can you tell me more about my order.



Hi Mozi, I’m also curious about my preorder 123393 placed Jan 25. Not panicked, just curious. Thanks. @mozi @PimaxUSA


Backer 3550. Headset vanished during delivery. Sup 121. Being waiting for two months.


Two months lost during delivery. oh my god…
This topic is getting scary again


Hey @mozi @PimaxUSA when are you planning on sending me the 10 meter cable that I purchased over a year ago ?


And for me, this new topic sounds like “hey ! I am the new guy that replace the old one, so we will start everything from the beginning”…