The Climb Vr your experience with Pimax?


What are your experience with the game playing it with the pimax Xr / pimax 5k+ / pimax 8k .

My Experience with the pimax xr and knuckles controllers and 2080 ti with the 9900k

I am using the 132 Pi tool Version

I noticed that parallel projection istn needed :slight_smile:
I started the game with normal fov and ingame I can switch to large fov without getting a super blurry image. When I start the game with large fov everything is like beeing rendered in 480p …very blury so first start the game with normal fov and then turn it to large fov while you are ingame . No performance loss btw-

BUT and here is the BUT…Even with the normal fov , supersampling maxed out ingame I am not sure that it is rendering the image PROPERLY . Something isnt right . its not the native 2560x1400 per eye …more like a 1080p image . Increasing render quality from 1.0 to 2.0 in the pi tool doesnt change anything…

I would like to know your experience guys .
Would be interesting how it renders the image with the valve index also !
If it renders it correctly I would buy the valve index :smiley: