The Forest VR beta is out


… and it looks promising but doesn’t have full gamepad support. You can walk around and interact but can’t build anything, because you have no arms, so at the moment it’s like a really scary walking simulator. Still nice to check out.

With motion controls I am sure it is great.


That is awesome! Been watching that game 4 awhile. So completely stand alone instead of add on?


It’s just a free update to the normal 2D game. Your saved games even cross over.


Now thats a 1000% awesome of the dev!


I’ve got that! I’ve got that! Excellent game!

Now I just need an HMD :smiley:

I’m not gonna know what to fire up first, game/experience wise, once I get my new Pimax!!!



Not bad though hate thw floating hands concept. Lol


It’s early, maybe they will put arms in later. They will need to change the axe power too, you cut a tree down in 3 seconds.


Indeed building will be a breeze otherwise. Lol


Pretty funny video @SweViver
The cannibals can see the campfires. Best to build away from the plane.


I like it, it has alot of potential. They are close to nailing the feeling of being in nature,shifting winds, shafts of light through the trees, creatures scampering around your feet and in the air. And then, there’s the natives…and the tension to survive.


Yep, its awesome even if its far from perfect. Poor performance, jaggy and blurry image at distance and overall quite buggy so far, but its a great start and a highly welcome VR support for another great pancake (non-VR) game! :slight_smile:


Yes agree.

Just a shoutout, I sub your Youtube channel and I enjoy your positivity :wink:


Thanks mate, I appreciate it :slight_smile: