The forum logo is broken


Seems that the page on is down. And with it the logo this forum uses. I just wanted to tell you.

@PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @PimaxSWD

EDIT: Just in case you don’t already know…


@Heliosurge Perhaps it has something to do with this?


Yo will need a full admin to look into this like @xunshu


Oh! I just ran a test. Dosn’t look good:

This comes from the domain of the logo for sure.


Wonder if this is causing me trouble on my phone…


The logo seems to be the only content loaded from an external domain. Perhaps this can be prevented by just changing the logo url in the forum software…


That sounds like it should work. It’s likely what changed recently causing my phone to be unable to connect properly now.

@xunshu @Sean.Huang @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR

Hopefully they can fix it soon. Used to using my phone for these forum quests. Lol