The GPU utilization boost is not only working with DCS World, it works in SteamVR games too!



Yep its quite a dramatic difference indeed :slight_smile: Im happy you found this useful!


Hmm, thats odd. I can definitely get a better framerate going with PiTool 0.75 and higher SS in game (or SteamVR SS) compared to PiTool 1.0 or 1.0 with lower in game SS (or SteamVR SS). The visual quality and sharpness difference is minimal but as the total rendered resolution (by Pimax render pipeline) is lower having PiTool at 0.75, there is a noticerable frame rate boost.


I have tried this method and it does increase GPU utilization and definitely a perceived increase in FPS. However, I get glitches in my right eye display. Anyone else have this?

MSI1080ti + i9900K


I fully believe flat games are toxic and make people not want to stand up.


This is a known problem in some titles when full frame rate is not met (90fps on 90Hz) and frame drops occur below 90fps. For some weird reason it doesnt happen in all games, but many. Have you tried going with 72Hz maybe and get a full framerate? This should solve the problem for now. Its not optimal, I know, but until they have resolved this flicker in right eye, thats the only way to achieve a smooth framerate in heavy games and sims: lower to 72Hz, run the “default tweak” and make sure the possible framerate stays at 72fps or above at all time.


as soon as I get 99% gpu usage in seeking dawn vr with my rtx 2080 ti , the game glitches and is unplayable :confused:

What is you experience btw in this game ? It seems it has horrible performance and is only playable in vive index because of the superior gpu usage algorythm


Seeking Dawn is performing quite bad indeed, especially on the higher resolutions Pimax needs. On the other hand, the game is quite a blurry/smudgy story (in my opinion) no matter what, so maybe try lowering the PiTool render quality to 0.75 and see if it really makes any noticeable difference in image quality? This could definitely give you 20-25% more frame rate thanks to the lower rendered resolution.

If you see the glitch in right eye/panel, thats probably because its not running in full framerate 90fps at 90Hz. Its the downside of this tweak, it gives a performance boost but at the same time it optimally needs a full framerate to be usable. Not always, but many times.


I am using the Pimax Xr because it is a darker game and its the only vr headset with 170 degree fov and such great black levels :blush:

So I am limitted to 82hz … I will ty to lower the pi tool rendering a bit …

Yesterday was the steam summersale and I bought onward and I realised that I am only getting 65 to 70 fps average because of 65% gpu usage :confused: A rtx 2080 ti should run this game with 82 hz constant :open_mouth:

Yet another reason to get the index …

Sweeviver make benchmars Index vs Vive because there are no benchmark comparissons at all on youtube between those vr headsets !


I realy hope that this utilization issue gets resolved realy quickly. It´s a shame we can not get all the power out of our gpus on a system where it´s enjoyability realy depends on good performance.


Jus tried with DCS, standalone, last open-beta, it works, but with a lot of ghosting, with or without smartsmoothing activated


Has anyone seen this?

HOWEVER, there is a caveat to this. There is apparently a bug in 1903 that causes CPU overuse and GPU underuse .

Windows 10 1903 that is.

First link:

Good news. I already knew that NVIDIA and MS were aware of this bug post-1903 and they are currently working on a fix.

Second link:

“Thank you everyone for providing feedback and submitting traces. Based on your feedback we have identified a change impacting system and games performance for some users starting with Windows 10 Version 1903 (May 2019 update). The change would result in higher system CPU utilization and/or lower game GPU utilization, and thus causing lower framerate in some games. We have a fix for the problem in the next Windows Insider build that will flight to the “Fast” ring (build 18932 and above). You can find instructions on joining the Windows 10 Insider Program here: After a successful tenure in the insider population, the fix will be deployed as an update to 1903 users at the end of August.”

Load and performance figures from IL-2

great news!!!


So its the fault of Microsoft that we are getting bad gpu utilization and not pimax fault ?


hmm I’m on 1803 so I shouldn’t be hit by this but I am.


Might be more into play than previously thought.


I am on 1903 also. Fingers crossed they solve it


That is good news. Given the symptoms, I’m not particularly surprised that it was a Windows issue.


Does it mean that it is already available ? It’s strange because it’s not part of 18932 and 18936 changelogs…


I think it means it will be released to those that are on that build first or are on the “fast” ring.

I’m no Windows guru… :crazy_face::smiley:


Very very interesting indeed. When I spoke to the Nvidia guy Manuel a few weeks ago about the “default button tweak”, he did mention it was most likely a Windows DWM issue, so it looks like they have finally addressed it. Cant wait to see the update arriving!