The new controller ID suggestions from the community


Hi Futurists,

It was a pleasure reading your comments! We have collected your feedback regarding the new controller ID and discussed with the team, here are the responses to your suggestions:

  1. Potenial collisions in some scenarios, e.g. adjust the headset, archery, eating, clap etc. Raised by @Aneurism @Jean-Mehdi @Cdaked @ChrisVL @Sofian @GameMaker @kons @SWAT @Skynet in the forum, @Rob Khonsu via Kickstarter, @TITANVR @KenZed @reptilexcq2 @EdisLeaso via youtube comments.
    We got the idea of lowering down the possibility of collisions with a smaller ring or different positions/shapes. At this stage, we are trying not to make major changes unless necessary. We plan to move on to build the prototype based on the current design and then evaluate the performance of the controllers as a whole in the testing phase.

  2. Interchangeable module to switch between tumbstick and trackpad style. Raised by @Lance in Kickstarter, @Cdaked @tristanc @MildlyConfused @cocorickoo @bubbleball @john2910 in the forum, and fb group members @Peder Simonsen @Owen Blades @Matt Zen
    That’s a very smart idea but it requests changes in hardware and structure. Given the tight development schedule, we will still offer two versions, thumbstick and trackpad, as promised during Kickstarter.

  3. It might be easy to break as there in only one spot to connect the ring and the other part. by @ChrisVL
    The team will consolidate the point of junction to avoid potential damage, and conduct more drop tests.

  4. As suggested by Raphael Zerbinatti in the fb group, It would be more comfortable with concave trackpad like windows MR and Vive controllers.
    We will make the trackpad concave to fit into the movement of the thumbs.

  5. @Grebo mentioned, people may press the wrong button because the menu button and system button are too close.
    We have considered the possibility, so we distinguish the two buttons with different shapes (the menu button is concave and system button bulged) to help people to find the right button in a second. You may refer to the rendering image as below:

  6. As @Heliosurge suggested that there should be an option to switch between vive tracking and inside out tracking.
    That is a very cool idea, but there haven’t been a satisfactory inside out tracking solution in the industry yet. We will review the design again when the inside out tracking solutions ready and interactive mode confirmed.

  7. Let’s use standard AA(rechargeable) battery instead of waiting the cable recharge. @migliorare @Century
    We plan to use lithium batteries.

Remind us if we missed anything. Thanks again for all your input!

Best Regards,
The Pimax Team

The new ID of the Pimax controllers
5K/8K Official Updates

Thanks for the update.
At the moment can’t think of anything else.


@xunshu, i was just going to play some Onward with the Cv1 and Touch controllers when i realised that most of the people that are playing those shooters (like me ) are using DIY gun stocks .
The major issue with those is the fitting of the controller on the actual gun stock.
Some are using magnets, some PVC pipes and all sorts of different materials.
It would be nice if on final version of the controller we could incorporate a kind of special fitting for gun stocks.
Maybe a hole on top of the ring or side depending on design where we could fit a screw safely and attach any adapter (6mm should do).

Thank you


Is it too late to add a third button? As of now, the oculus controller and the predicted vive knuckles controllers will have the third smaller button on it, leaving two for mapping by games, and allow that to be used for a variety of new functions, I realize it is a little late in the design to add a button, but I thought I would let you know the current industry technology goals for controllers. Thank you for all the work you’ve done on this project, the controllers look amazing!


“The major issue with those is the fitting of the controller on the actual gun stock.”
If you wish to use gun stocks, by far your best bet is going to be the old controllers for the vive, they work and are shaped like gun grips and can be attached by setting them in something, or putting something through their top hole.
Knuckles controllers aren’t really ideal for rigging to other objects, because their entire idea is to fit into the palm and be lightweight, although you could possibly 3d print something to stay on the top corner of these, and then attach whatever you like, if the need arises?


actually using something like this at the moment and doing very good

i’m sure i ll find a way once final design is here :slight_smile:


Interesting update, thank you @xunshu! It’s so great to see you are listening to the whole community and taking every suggestion in account - this is highly appreciated! The controllers look incredibly comfortable now and nice looking also - the progress after all previous prototypes has really evolved into something very exciting.

Keep up your great work, Team Pimax! :slight_smile:


Isn’t the menu button more important in a game? You only want to press the system button when you want to leave your game or change settings. I think the menu button should be bulged and the system button should be concave not the other way round…


Fantastic response to the topic questions. Glad you are standing firm on aspects. Nothing is more impossible than design by committee and offering to take feedback can easily degenerate to that .


Actually a great idea, because then you could only accidently press the “menu” button and not the system button by gliding your hand across the top in a panic, which might possibly pause the game or something. Good idea!


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@xunshu & bar we should refer to it as valve knuckles. Even the Vive wands are i believe based on Valve’s reference design. Htc was simply the first company valve sponsored in Steam compatiable vr headset.

On the controller extensible idea. Not needed for launch but something to look into is Oculus opened up their constellation tracking for third party peripherals. This could add a customer base for oculus owners if they want pimax controllers. As others have said they look awesome. But it would need to be explored at a later date. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


@Xunshu: good stuff !

Just one question: with the controllers being in a design stage and working prototypes only expected for summer 2018, what is the realistic time schedule Pimax are considering until actual delivery to backers ? And I do not mean the absolute best case scenario, but one which takes into account that you will need a couple of iterations, will encounter issues. Same experience as with the 8K development.

I think you will be aware that Pimax have an ambitious goal here with this design, combining the best of the Touch and Knuckles controllers - it is not trivial to get this right. And, by the way, I suppose most of us share one sentiment, we do not wish for controllers with the poor build quality of the wands Pimax showcased with the 8K during the KS campaign last year, we need a much better quality.

I am not trying to be negative, I just think you will make your own life much easier in the communication with the backers if you give realistic outlooks rather than best case ones, because the best case delivery date comes and goes, we do not get the controllers and you see some users get really angry about the Pimax communication strategy - they will claim Pimax lied, etc., etc… I am not asking you to just give a date of 6 months later, I would like to understand what the Pimax planning internally is, if you have any realistic planning taking into account the average of throwbacks to be expected.


According to our project manager, we plan to ship the controllers in Q4.
Two scenarios that may lead to delay: 1. change design, 2. component delay.
It happens quite a few times in 8K. The headset consists lots of components and delay of any of those will impact the schedule and push the release date. Also, the lenses are complicated and costly to tweak each time.
The controllers has less components than the headset, so I guess the timeline would be easier to predict and control. Cannot guarantee there is no delay at all, but we will do our best to deliver on time. We are looking to launch 8K this year and controllers should be part of the launch party.


I smell a Christmas Sale !
Early December 2018 is a nice Date to sell a lot of Pimax 8K retail units including the new controllers :wink:


I understand that there is no enough time for change controller design for having the trackpad and thumstick.

But may we wait to see the real knuckle and wait to test the pimax controller. If it can’t support some game or not compatible with all sytem (vive and oculus by revive), may pimax consider the new version which have both trackpad and thumbstick in the future.

Thank you for update.


Good point. Why buy the Pimax controlers when the highly developed Valve controllers will be released abt the same time? The Pimax controllers will need to be 100% compatible


Thank you for your good work. @xunshu
I request to add 2 buttons to trackpad type controller.
Valve’s knuckles has 2 buttons both side of track pad.

Thumbstick type has A/X and B/Y button.
I suggest Pimax use same button parts between trackpad type and thumbstick type.
It is also good for cost and development.


@xunshu Considering you are still in prototype phase, taking the extra time to make your Pimax Controller compatible with Oculus and WindowsMixedReality could be worth it money side. You’ll have a bigger customer base which translate into more money!


That outer curve looks far to big to me


in the renders poster the thumbstick version did have an extra button, but the thumbpad only has the two.