The Pimax support site isn't allowing me to log in even after creating fresh account



YOur support site still seems to be down.


No, it’s not (down that is). Might still have login issues, but it’s not “down” (meaning not available/up/online).


Same with me. I´ve been trying to contact support for two days now ,to ask a simple question and I´m never able to log in. Even tried to create a new account, same deal.


Is it a question the community can answer maybe?


Maybe. The community forums are pretty terrible for finding information though because it’s all streamed into one “topic” that is so broad that it’s really difficult to find information.

The way they’ve done these user forums is severely suboptimal.


Hi Norman.

The team is looking into the support site.

If this is about the possible Cable issue

Try this tool to see which USB might be best. Generally reccommend Usb 3.1 ports if your Mobo is new enough Red ports are usually good ones.

This tool can help to check Latenacies of usn ports

@Dallas.Hao is one of our Pimax contacts here to direct support.


The search function can work well as there ate advanced functions for searching as well.

Grouping in 1 topic allows for quick self help. Much like an ebook for quick reference for those whom don’t use search function. It also saves reposting the same info endlessly.

Being lazy myself at times in other forums have received flack for starting new threads on old resolved issues.


Yeah, kind of. I wanted to be assured that the shipping is via DHL, since it is the only realiable carrier that operates in my country. It is all too common to hear stories about missing or damaged packages in other carriers.



Hi Dallas,

can you please confirm which courier company Piamx are using when shipping to Alexxxman please?
Further, can you advise if NOT DHL, is there an option for DHL to be used (if any extra costs are covered by the customer)?

@Alexxxman Paulo, can you advise which country you are in please so Dallas can tell you which courier they will be using?

Many thanks



Thank you very much for your assistance. The country in question is Angola, DHL operates here and it is quite fast and reliable, thus my preference even if it incurs in extra cost.


Your welcome, hopefully Dallas can advise if DHL is an option for you



Finally been able to create a Support account on the website

Ends up my ad blocker was blocking the page from loading the sign up.

Created a ticket there as well as my forum posts now.


edit - I was using uBlock, but assume other adblockers are also preventing the support page from loading properly.

And it’s that is being blocked


Awesome added Dallas to youd post. The team may need to contact Adblocker to see what they can do to fix.

But as another site says

“The folks at adblocker are blocking everything & links maybe missing”


Wait no, it was my VPN that was stopping it :stuck_out_tongue: