The shortage of graphic cards could be over soon


We appear to have normal stock levels here in Toronto area at Canada Computers for 1080ti.


Yeah maybe I’ll just wait for the 2080Ti that is supposedly releasing soon. Spend a little extra.


Not that ‘soon’ unfortunately, it’s going to be to be July according to the latest info.,36603.html


That’s about when I expect the Pimax haha


NVidia is working to discourage miners, raising prices, and slipped the new “Turning” GPU to 3rd quarter.

[quote]Nvidia also has further increased its GPU quotes recently, which the sources believe is meant to help cover the gap that may occur after GPU demand starts sliding.

Since profitability from graphics cards has been weakening, Nvidia and AMD have both been decelerating the developments of their new GPU architectures and prolonging their existing GPU platforms’ lifecycle, the sources said, adding Nvidia’s next-generation GPU architecture Turing will not enter the mass production until the third quarter.[/quote]


IMHO 2080Ti will be around December, usually TI versions comes latter after xx80


I had a Founder’s Edition 1080 Ti in my cart, $699, and in the process of filling out my billing information it went out of stock!! I’m so pissed.


You might be right, they’re already speculating Q3. We might learn something more next week during the GTC


For US persons, for only a couple of hundred over MSRP I bought an Aorus 1080 ti extreme waterforce WB at Newegg. It’s a decent deal, great card, but you have to have a custom water loop. Anyone want help with that I can tell you how to do it on the cheap, and yet I never see more than 40c on it.


I have my doubts, memory shortages due high demand for mobile has also driven prices up and slown down GPU manufacturing. Until that levels out I doubt we will be seeing a resurgence.


The prices of the graphic cards have dropped 25% in March.



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That would be great news for VR enthusiasts, since it likely means that a bunch of used 1080 and 1080Ti cards will show up on eBay, which would force price drops on new high-end graphics cards.


And once that deluge ends, Nvidia&AMD will release their next gen cards.


More on the intel with Vega


That would definitely be nice to see the GPU crypto crash hard. But even at the 25% drop they are still pricey…


Yep, and unfortunately, that’s unlikely to change in the short term, due to memory prices, high demand, etc. The Pimax 8K will need a serious video card to drive it. Personally, I’m waiting for NVidia’s next enthusiast card, due to arrive this Summer/Fall.


I wonder if rhis very interesting team up between Intel & Amd suggests with the Article a likely collaboration involving both companies vr like Project Alloy & maybe Amd’s SulonQ(sp?).