The upper belt clip (over the head) broke


after a year of using PiMAX4k, the upper belt clip (over the head) broke.
to Pimax4k always treated carefully.
I noticed that this upper belt clip is very thin.

This weak spot is Pimax 4k ???
And how do I use glasses now?
I used superglue, but I’m not sure if it’s for a long time ((
I’m sad (

I’m ready to listen to any ideas (


That’s unfortunate.

@PM_Sean @Pimax-Support

Submit a ticket & they might be able to help.

JbWeld is an excellent epoxy that works well & can be used to reinforce that area. A new product Qbond I think its called is a wonder product as well. But truthfully I think jbweld will do the trick nicely.


Special stuff designed for these calamities.
I don’t know if this is available whereever you live.

Snapped headphone repair example:


Looks good, im about to order some. Any idea how to remove this afterwards? Cant find any info


I will try. Thank you.


This is link to Sugru youtubechannel. They have dozens of short clips

Also one where they tell about removing sugru:

And one of keeping hands clean whilst doing it


Thanks again George I have this exact problem on and expensive pair of Siberia 800 wireless headset where the lower brackets broke and I tried using superglue one side is holding but the other has come loose so I ordered your suggested product of Amazon Prime for 11.75us total. I guess it stays somewhat rubbery not sure though. @Heliosurge is always good to for a helpful suggestion to readers on various problems appreciate that guy as well.