The ViveNChill is now compatible with the Pimax headsets



The Vive N Chill now has a version that uses a USB Type C cable! This means that it is compatible with the Pimax headsets! I’ve used one of these on my Vive, and mannn did it help with sweat in Beat Saber. The backers are actually supposed to get something extremely similar to this because of the Kickstarter stretch goals. Hmm, perhaps Pimax made a deal with them? :thinking:


This also helps :slight_smile:


yes , 2 fans and a resistor, you can find this on ebay for 5$


Just ordered it, will see how it compares to the original version that I’ve been using for a while.


They noted that it has some sort of whine because of how the usb ports are or something. I don’t know sounds strange to me. Let us know if you notice anything.


Remember this is one of the stretchgoals promised
Not a word on this either


Yea I have one of those. It’s pretty nice but it sucks in my hair sometimes xD. Although if someone is bald or has little or short hair I suppose that would be pretty awesome.


The 16th is approaching! :^)