There is a You tube video up,,,,, Los Angeles Meet up



I could have wished he had used a bit of time on the 5KBE.
Even with the lower sub pixel density, if the ghosting and other issues with the OLED is actually fixed, it might be interesting putting a diffuse filter on it, trading a bit of crisp™ for reduced sde while keeping the oled color/dark quality.


@Sean.Huang can you tell us which pitool version(s) you used in LA?

84 seems to work really well on the 8k; where as I am having issues with identical settings with the 5k+. Though. spamenigma reports pitool 84 is working well on his 5k+.

I know @SweViver said 84 had degraded quality on the 5k+


Thanks, mate for your effort ! It was very helpful! Cheers!