There is no video (extended mode) for Pimax 8k as it stands?


Is this true, if so, what a bizarre back step…


Is this yet another thread on the same old 60 Hz point ? If yes, please close it and continue, if oyu must, the existing thread. If not, please explain.

[Edit: okay, just saw the other one was closed. Looking at it and how few posts there were in all the months I guess it is an issue which hardly anybody else than The_Brentmaster is concerned about. Well, in that case, if this one again does not resonate with the other backers please accept the fact. I would not want to distract Pimax on the last yards for an issue almost nobody here is concerned about…]


As the beta testers who are currently testing the M1 are under a Nda, we can’t be sure what there is. But when sweviver was asked to include video mode testing he confirmed there was none. This does not mean that there is no other way of watching video via direct method. Just that it’s not referred to as video.

While the Nda is in effect Noone can confirm nor deny what it has or doesn’t have.
We just need to be patient



You will have to use virtual desktop like a filthy vive owner.


Don’t forget

  • Vrtoolbox
  • bigscreen beta
  • virtual spaces
  • entire lib of vid players


How is it a backstep when literally no other PC HMDs has this ‘mode’?


Video mode used to ne called extend


Why would anyone want “videomode” exactly? This was nothing more than the old Oculus way of driving the panel. Soon after they saw that this wasn’t the best way to get performance and they invented the Direct way of driving panel, which all modern HMD’s use nowadays.

Like Helio says, just use a videoplayer


I never confirmed anything. I just said I have not tested Video mode. I got confused by the name “Video mode” as Im not familiar with it (never had Pimax 4K). Have in mind 8K uses a different software than the 4K, and all features might not be called or working the same way as on the 4K :wink:


If possible, the inclined left and right panels make us feel the perspective. As a result, the left and right images do not match.

However, on the right and left panel side by side, you can have a great experience without feeling the perspective.


Aside bigscreen beta, which trumps all other video players in my opinion (watching movies alone is meh), I really like vr toolbox.


I hear you haven’t felt much wonder watching a movie in vr. But those really wanting quality there is this expensive option.

Powerdvd 17 ultra $90ca


Eh, this is an odd opinion. I actually even think that Bigscreen beta is the worst (still not bad) among all other desktop clone and video player solutions. I would gladly apreciate your input at my VR Player thread which I will re-organize soon.


I may be old school, but I prefer simplicity over the flashy cinema environments :slight_smile: Simple VR Video Player is just perfect. Big customizable screen, plain black background, loads of options, great image quality and most important: good frame rate!

Big Screen Beta is cool looking, and being an old home-theater & projector geek back in the days, its cool to built an own environment. But the performance watching movies in Big Screen is really not worth it.


Can I browse my desktop like virtual desktop or bigscreen…? And can I make screen AS BIG as I want or is there a limit …?


I checked PowerDVD and it is complete bullshit for VR!!! even despite the ridiculous price. (Covered it in my thread VR Movie Player thread as well btw.) Don’t mix up 3d with VR. 3d works admittetly indeed very well though. I really need to rework/reorganize my thread asap, also because I’ve tested 10 players that are not listed yet . But fun to know the SWEViver came to the same conclusion that simple player is the best player right now.


Ah just know in the reddit that it said was crazy expensive but worked best. Lol


No you can not browse your desktop with a player application of course. I have VD BS and VorpX.

Yes BS is free so yeahy… but it “upmixes” you desktop Hz (which is presumably 60Hz) to 90Hz.
cause it simply clones your desktop

If you don’t/can’t see the issues involved in that you’re lucky. If you are more sensitive to those issues better go with
Vorpx because it streams directly to your HMD,
at least movies with supported players (mpc, vlc)
I have the feeling that virtual desktop does something similar, Looks definitly better than Bigscreen (also the desktop itself, resolutionwize not only motionwize), but I need to read up on that why this is the case.


Out of curiosity in order to gather some infomation for testing more players mabe some guys will help me with this question and chain of thoughts.
It will also help a lot to discuss the need or not-need of a video mode since there are valid alternatives of most usecases.

What is a VR player?
OK it’s basically a 3D player but used in a very different way due much vaster difference in the footage itself (resolution, resolution ratio, FPS, amount of morphing…) and the need of modifying important parameters to get the best immersion.

I presume we can agree that watching a 3D movie at a cinema is still fun but can’t qualify “immersive” anymore after anyone has tried any VR device.
Same with non-vr 3D movies on a HMD. So adjusting any settings won’t be of much importance, we don’t move our heads, we don’t change the angle, distance of seating position to screen is mostly not changing the size significantly.

In VR though we MUST be able to edit at least some parameters in order to place ourselfs into a surrounding rather than only placing us in front of it.
Power DVD lacks of pan, tilt, zoom making it impossible to do the things mentioned above and cleary dequalifys being called VR Player.

Reading up on that reddit discussion would help me as well. could you provide a link for me?


Not sure took a quick scan of pimaxun laat thread stating the headswt would fail without 60hz.