There is no video (extended mode) for Pimax 8k as it stands?


I still don’t understand, what exactly does the OP mean by “video mode”? A lot of people here assuming it’s video playback, but that doesn’t make sense within the context of a “backwards step”, because that’s up to whatever video player software you choose to run.


On the early days of VR a headset ran in “Extend mode” and the the OS would see the headset as a normal display. This was not efficient so vr developed “Direct mode” where the vrcompositor has direct control over the display and is not seen aa am extended display in the OS.

Some non vr programs can be played in a vr mode using SBS 3d injectors likw Tridef3d & Vortex in extend mode. Vorpex at some point also added a steam compatible “Direct Mode” in addition to the older extend mode. Pimax in the 4k combined a few different mides in pimax mode; but also kept Video Mode aka extend mode. Status of new pimax headsets having ectend mode is not known/revealed as if yet.

Kodi VR mode 4 example uses Video Mode & does not have head tracking.


Oh, it’s just a renaming of Extended Mode, where the VR headset acted like a second monitor in Windows? Removing that outdated mode isn’t a step back, but the opposite - both Vive and Oculus moved to only supporting Direct mode years ago. Only old hacks made in the early VR days use Extended Mode, since Direct Mode gives better performance. Unless maybe there was a big resurgence of support for it on the Pimax store?


Back in the day I got a little Panny AE100 when the big CRT’s were starting to lose ground, or fall from the ceiling killing the baby sitter!

There is nothing quite as good as a 120" screen watching Star Wars while my outside window was packed with a gang of goggle eyed kids staring in. These days I still use an AE4000 but feeling the upgrade itch again. 120" 4K Home Cinema projector vs a tiny little 65" OLED…what to do, what to do…damn you technology!


@D3Pixel Wow I had the Panasonic AE100 too :heart_eyes: That was my first home projector lol. Then I changed to AE700 or something, then a Sony, then a Sanyo PLV ZV Z2, then PLV Z2000…oh dear good old times :slight_smile:

Btw here is my first version of my home theatre/cinema room I build back in 2004-2005:


Wow Martin.

That’s a beautiful theater. I’m truly jealous.


Now that is a nice cinema room. Love the seats! Is that an Anamorphic screen setup too?

Yeah the AE100 was my first. @spamenigma has an AE something too I think. AE700?

My partner tells me I am not allowed a TV ever again, she loves the projector so it is in the planning :smiley: I just wish 3D was not being dropped from them all as I always wanted to try Avatar on a big 3D screen at home.


Thanks man, an old hobby hehe… My second room was a bit better looking, but then we moved and I never build it back again, sold all the stuff. It was more fun to build than really use it for watching movies eventually… I ended up tweaking stuff all the time instead of watching movies haha :slight_smile:


Thanks. It was a self-made 86-88 inch 16:9 screen but I made an DIY electri-masking solution (with a screw driver, check the last images) to manually push buttons and change aspect ratio from 1.78:1 to 2.35:1 or any aspect ratio. It was a fun project :slight_smile:

I never had a 3D projector, but I always wished back in the days when 3D projectors was like 30K dollars… So only had two 3D TVs. Loved the LG with passive 3D polarized glasses (same as on cinemas)… but the content was just lacking so I kind of gave up 3D after a while.


I have read some use 2 projectors in some kinda if setup to get 3d?


Yep, crazy idea but apparently it works. Different polarization for each eye and projector. A bit expensive though :slight_smile:


Hah, Just checked it was AE300E back in 2003! :scream:

Great projector, although my 60" Kuro took over for the last 9 years.


Oh, that’s my even older projector… I got the 1080p one next but can’t recall the model… assume in 2007 ish


You’re making me nostalgic. I used to have a sanyo plv z700 on a 133" screen some 10 years ago now. I put a lot of gaming hours on that one on my ps3 mainly. Some good memories. I upgraded it to a benq w1070 3d projector which I currently have with the same 133" screen. It’s only 1080p & not that expensive, but still a good projector. It doesn’t get much use now since my family expanded & I picked up an oled.
Ps… 3d on a projector which takes up a whole wall, with quality surround sound is good. Much better than watching 3d in the cinema. I remember the intro scene on a resident evil film in 3d & it felt like it was raining in my living room


Very nice theater!! I,m building mine with a xiaomi ust, coming from a jvc x35 and many more before, I like it the bigger I can get :wink:


That sounds interesting. Where is this thread?


lots of info got a lil scattered during time, i will rearrange it soon.
But if you don’t mind scrolling a bit, it’s all there :slight_smile:


Wow that looks HUGE! :slight_smile: How big is the screen?


Just like bigscreen beta :wink: i wish, no it,s only 3’6 meters length