They don’t send me a helmet!

I paid for my helmet (5k) on November 13th. For several days no one wrote anything to me or answered my letters! On January 18, Matthew answered and said that they would send the helmet within 2 days. Silence is like in a grave. Today I wrote to him again. And I got this answer:

Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for your email.
I will ask for leave from Nov. 20 to Nov. 24 due to my family matter.
I apologize that I am unable to respond to you immediately, but will do so as soon as I am back in the office.
Thanks and best regards,

What the hell is going on here? I will demand money back!


This is an Automated message that Matthew is away from the office.

Maybe @Konger can assist you.


You do mean November 18, right? :astonished:

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