Thicker facepad



Hi, I also got my 5k yesterday! Backer 4500. Was also stated that way in the overview, so it was probably correct, but servey monkey screwed up. Unfortuanatelly my housing is cracked on the edge, but for now it looks only to be a cosmetic issue.
I’m new to VR. I tried a Oculus rift at release and decided, that I cant live with the FOV and the SDE and had to wait for the next gen. So I backed complete pack and missing now the base station and controller. Now I’m torn between buying a vive for the controller/basestations…
As I’m new to vr, I had some major setup problems with steamVR. Ultimatly I solved the problem by removing the special character from user path in Windows. This took me some time to identify, so I had not much time left yesterday to test the 5k.
The FOV is great! It’s what I’ve waited for! The SDE is noticible, but I will hopefully learn to ignore it during apllications. My concern right now is the clarity. I’ve started project cars (1) and wanted to drive a lap due to limited options with lacking controllers. But the different eyes were looking in different directions (not in menu, only ingame) I changed pi tool settings and tried again. Now It was working, but the clarity was very bad. What are the optimal pitool settings for good graphic/clarity in project cars? Or should i buy project cars 2, is it looking better?

But now to my bigger concern. I’ve measured my IPD per app and it seems to be 66mm. If I adjust the lenses to this IPD, the lens are resting on my nose. Maybe a better headstrap would hold the pimax 5k in place above, but with the given headstrap, I cant fixiate the HDM high enough. Obviously is my nose to big. Is it possible to increase the thickness of the facepad? Is there a thicker, compatible vive facepad available? Or is there a good way to modify the current one to increase the distance?


Congratulations! One of first things I did is to do the “frankenpimax” conversion by replacing the pimax headstrap with the htc vive delux strap. Even if it still isnt optimal for me as I have a rather small head and i wouöd like the headset to have secured more now it is a lot better. But if you don’t have htc vive deluxe audio strap you would need to buy one or eait for pimax headstrap which i hope will also suit smaller heads.


Also in that point I am undecided. If I knew, when to expact the pimax audiostrap… I’m not very motivated to pay for something, I will hopefully get “soon”…


If I were you strap used and in good shape for a good price. But you are right! It would be good to know when pimax headstraps will be shipped.


So, now I’ve tried project cars again and my “clarity” problem is caused by the fackt, that every bright line, like a flag pole, in the distance in comprised by one to two lines of pixels and “flickers” all the time. Is this a project cars specific problem?


Have you tried this? Note that, apparently, the one available on Amazon is the thinner one. This thicker version is only available from the website.


If you just want to try a racesim, because of 3dof, try downloading Raceroom from Steam. It’s a very good sim (my favorite one) and it’s ‚free to play‘ (honestly a demo style version, but for your testing it’s great, with some free cars and tracks).

Edit: …and from the review by VoodooDE it’s not as demanding for the GPU as pCars.


Congrats in receiving your headset. Regarding the crack file a support ticket via link in banner.

And post support numbet(supen-xxx) here @ dallas.hao (no space with @).

I myself don’t have a Vive Delux strap & created my own poor mans.

There are a ton of vr experiences you can enjoy seated with a game pad.


Most definitely. It solved a couple of issues for me. One thing you will need to address is the little bit of daylight that will creep in the uncovered area. I simply cut the nose area out of my Pimax face foam and that sorted 90% of the issue. I will probably glue a bit of microfiber to that piece of face foam to eliminate the last bit of light.

Good luck and enjoy your HMD!


Thx for the reminder,mate! Right ,one could use that one, but I am afraid it would be to thin for my tinny head :smile: or a combination of that rear pad with a thicker front pad. I am doing fine with readjusted velcro straps on “frankenpimax” solution, but I might try using thicker frontpad from vive.


Thanks, I will try this pads!

And Raceroom looks better than project cars. It doesn’t has this extreme flicker effect, but also here are the shadows of the trees showing this a little bit.

Now I tried Subnautica, but there I encountered graphic failures. Once I tilt my head, the one screen has a dark overlay over parts of the screen and the other a differen colored light overlay over part of the screen and I can’t find anyone discribing this issue via google. A rocky road to VR for me… :laughing:


I have recieved my 8k several days ago. I wear glasses and with the delivered face pad the experience was horrible. I cut 10mm foam ruber (a ordinary one) and stick it on the delivered face pad so I have aprox. 20mm. The clarity is unbelievable. I am new to VR and my expectation from 8k was high but now after adding 10mm extra distance I must say that I am super satisified with the head set. I have ordered through ebay a VIVE face pad with thickness of 20mm.


I do not want to advertise, but is this one good enough?


I also have the nose-pinching problem and wiggle-headband issue. I now am using an 18mm foam that was meant to be for the vive, like your ebay thing, and it fits just perfect. no distortion, no fov loss, no nose-pinching and the hmd fits a lot tighter. Its very good for narrow faces and big noses :wink: