Third party head straps forPimax5K?



I have just received my Pimax 5K and am just beginning to set it up to play IL-2 Great Battles Flight & Tank sim. I haven’t gotten it far into setup but I can already see that it’s headstrap in rather disappointing- not only does it not include headphones( of course I knew this when I ordered it…) but it feels cheap & flimsy in comparison with ,say, Oculus S headstraps.Of course this is with no actual experience in game play. I wonder if there is a third party replacement with or without built in headphones ? If so I’d jump at the chance to get it!


Well there’s the Vive Das FrankenPimax mod which I use and love.

You can also add 3d printed parts for a more clean attachment.


Any other strap options?
I really don’t want included audio, the speaker on them are all utter garbage.
I want to get a better strap, ideally, one that goes much smaller for when my kid wants to have a go (he LOVE it, but I do limit his time on it to short bursts)

So any better straps that I can keep using my Sennheiser PXC550 over the top of?
PS good Bluetooth headphone and Dolby Audio on the PC work very well.


Search for “Table of Content Wiki”

There are some creative ideas there. From using a welding helmet mount to 3dprinting mods for a psvr headstrap.


You can remove the Vive Das headphones with a little effort, but as Helio points out there are other options, Would be nice if Pimax would get theirs out.