Three Questions


I’ve been a user of the 4K for about 8 months. For the most part I’ve been pleased with the performance. I generally use it for ED and X Plane 11. I think it provides a fairly immersive experience and is a game changer compared to playing video games on a monitor.

So I have three questions.

  1. When will Piplay V 3.0 be out of be out of beta with the fixes? I know you can download as beta but the file is not officially available on the website as of today.

  2. Will there ever be a good solid firmware fix for ghosting? I’ve seen talk about it from Pimax on the forums recently for an April release.

  3. How is firmware updated now? Is it happening with Piplay updates? Does anyone know when the last firmware update was released?



Some good questions. @xunshu @Pimax-Support @PM_Sean

  1. After a period of Beta release, we will implement official release soon, so that every user could download directly from our official site.
  2. We will improve the VR performance to fix ghosting issue on future Pimax device.
  3. Currently if no more serious issue, we will keep as the last version.


Silly me, I opted in for beta drivers and updated to 3.0 with the horrible ghosting. I forgot I opted in for beta… I think I am going to just go with confirmed software from now on


So does this mean fix for current 4k headset users or new version of 4k hradaet? I hope the team is going to fix ghosting for current owners.


As much as I hate to say it, I think we’re going to be out of luck on the 4K mate.
Would be nice if we could somehow get the steamvr renderer from the early version, to work with the fixed gyro tracking builds. But it’s looking like too much to ask and really I just couldn’t be bothered with that paperweight anymore. I bought a dell visor and it just works. Nearly same quality image as 4K, no tracking issues, no ghosting. 90hz.
4K is old tech and the only thing it’s good for now is movie mode.


I had a feeling that would be the case with the ghosting issue/fix.

I never updated to the latest Piplay beta 3.0.x and am sticking with

As far as firmware version where can i see what I’m running? is it in a log file?
Also where on the Pimax website is the firmware download page?

JayBee, I am seriously thinking of the direction you went with the WMR headsets. Sounds like a good move at this point


You might be right. But there is 0 reaaon they can’t get it trimmed back to the 1.1.92

Plus they could implement what was requested to adjust the shutter timing


I am using 1.1.92. on windows 10. It has the same ghosting as 3.0.51 beta which I had previously. I am not blind and have tried project cars 2, skyrim vr, the steam VR home area, and playhome vr and cleaned my previous piplay with a proper uninstall.

Note that windows 10 seems to have issues when you install that version and I found a guide to get 1.1.92 working, it had a warning about my Java environment being too new and needed me to change to pimax mode for the headset via the tray icon after the driver was working.

I did this test to see the difference and will upload a video of some Skyrim VR in both versions, so to me its a headset screen problem and thats why pimax keep saying to wait for a hardware upgrade because software cannot fix it.


The reply to question “2” from PM_Sean appears to say that it will be a new improved version of hardware rather than an upgrade to our existing 4K’s.
In addition its not clear if it will be a new version of 4K or is he talking about the yet to be released 8K and 5K models.

Does anyone know how to check the firmware version loaded on the headset? Or where on the Pimax website the firmware downloads are?



I think you may want to compare notes with @Enopho when he’s back from vacation. He has 2 full 1080ti setups he uses to direct compare.

His eval of 3.x beta has ghosting of i think he saud 5mm where as previous non beta was 2mm.

I know myself that ghosting was slightly less pronounced in 1.1.92. Considering mobileVR on steam with a good high end phone at 60hz provides less ghosting in my experience (LG G2/LG G4 & my LG G6).

So with that it should be possible to improve it to half of what it is in the non beta or even better.

Without having 2 setups its harder to see dufferences due to time between installs.


Cluck in thw gear it will tell you firmware & piplay version.


Yes I have clicked on the gear in Pimax. Only the Pimax version is visible.
Am I not looking in the right place? Thanks


My bad try the chain looking icon beside.


I agree… it’s not clear. Was it intentionally obtuse though? I lost count how many times I heard the “ghosting” was going to be fixed to only months later get a different kind of response of some other method to correct it. It’s been kinda like a game now for me to see how things keep changing.

Now… I could see how a new and improved 4K could be a good business decision. I mentioned that several months ago but a certain site-moderator got really angry with me over it and even closed the thread. But I’m going to say it again… if Pimax fixed the ghosting, made the video brighter and added decent controllers like the ones they are designing with the 8K… the new and improved 4K could be a serious competitor with all the Windows Mixed reality HMD’s today… including the Samsung. Then they could be selling two very good HMD’s… The premium 8K and the more affordable consumer 4K. I would change the name though… maybe something like the 4K plus… or something like that. And yup… many of the existing 4K users will be upset particularly if they don’t give existing 4K users something in return. Like a serious discount on the improved model.