THROUGH THE LENSES - PIMAX 8K vs PIMAX 5K+ vs Odyssey + @ Tyriel Wood



Published: Apr 15 2019

Tyriel Wood

HERE is a detailed look into the lenses of three of the best VR Headsets out on the market right now for visuals! The Pimax 8k, Pimax 5k plus and the Samsung Odyssey Plus. All have pros and cons, but in this video I wanted to show you what each display looks like through the lenses using my 4K camera as your pair of eyes. Take a look at this video to see a few different environments that help capture different details in each headset! Let’s get in SteamVR, Elite Dangerous, Assetto Corsa and BigScreen BETA!




Is this updated or the old video posted about a month ago? :thinking:


This video was posted today.


He should at least start it with a label that it’s updated since his last one. Lol

This one based on the new beta with brightness & contrast settings? (Tbh haven’t watched it yet)


I myself have not really looked, waiting for normal quality. 360p - not comme il faut :roll_eyes:


Need to obtain and test the new HP display that just came out and add it to the comparison.


Yes, I would like to look at the Reverb through the lens :slightly_smiling_face:


When I saw the distinctive image from a few months ago thought the same. Someone on reddit said he’s doing a series called ‘Through the lenses’, so there may be a few more to follow.


Whats causing the annoying rolling horizontal flickering? Seem to see it on the 5k+ and odyssey.


Any through the lenses are just totally misleading due to too much variance in the way images are captured and way too many variables with settings. A verbatim comparison between VR displays isn’t showing off any particular headset at its best and in some cases its potential worst. I thought that before I got the 8K and now that I own one I believe it even more. People should stop making these comparisons using the current format and instead offer a more descriptive element of what they are actually seeing rather than relying on still image from a camera. The only way you will see a true representation is by trying out the headsets with your own eyes unfortunately.


Yes, indeed, with close comparison through the lens, we do not see what is in reality, being inside the headset. Everything is different there.

But nevertheless, these comparisons will always be. No headset has yet escaped this comparison. Everyone will continue to measure under a microscope until SDE is gone, there’s nothing to be done :upside_down_face:

And nevertheless we receive some information.
You can roughly understand which headset is superior to the other in definition, SDE.


Indeed to do a proper through the lense you’d want a special camera setup to simulate one’s eye in headset & still won’t have a good view as your monitor may not reproduce things equally.


My Assetto Corsa looks so much better than all those through the lens shots. Every time I see one of these videos I think what a waste of time.


Bling posts that many want but not great value from technical stand point. Especialy once posted through online layer.


Doesn’t look like he adjusted with pitool 121. Some nice things are possible with 121.


Did you lock light exposure between headsets to show relative brightness level?


Unfortunately, I can not say, need to ask @TyrielWood :beers: :grin:


All manual, same F, shutter speed, temperature, I had to crump up the ISO for the 8k because of the brightness as I said in the video
Odyssey was ISO 200, 5k 400/800, 8k I had to get to 1200 in ED.