Thx from preorder P106X



Got my 5K+ yesterday and just wan’t to say thx for the great product.

Preorder Date: 27.10.18
Adress confirmation Mail: 18.02.19
Tracking Mail from DPD UK: 07.03.19
Arrival in Germany: 09.03.19

First impression from a two year Oculus CV1 user (I mainly use it for flightsims, DCS, Aerofly FS2, X-Plane,Il-2,…):

WOW effect, the great clarity and the large FOV is just fantastic. The immersion especially room scale inside the cockpit and the feeling of speed when flying low level is due to the peripheral view much much better as CV1. Aerofly FS2 runs fluid with large FOV-setting and is at the moment the best flight experience with the 5k+.
SDE still there but acceptable.


  • a bit uncomfy on the nose.
  • had problems to establish tracking with one vive base station.
  • Some of my oculus games (Need for speed) are not running.

But anyway: Great product, sure we have to wait for faster GPU’s but for me VR 2.0 has arrived.

Big thx to the pimax team.

My rig: I7-6700K, 16GB RAM, ZOTAC GTX-1080 extreme clocked@2050Mhz


Could you describe the installation process step by step. What pitool versions you have installed. Soon I receive my goggles and I am afraid of an firmware update after which some people had a 10,600 error.


I used this description:

But after installation I also had that 1060 error. Solution for me was:

Turn computer off, unplug the DisplayPort cable from gpu, turn computer on, open pitool, replug pimax’s DisplayPort cable back in and it was connected.
Pitool version is V1.0.1.109

Bigger issue for me was the tracking problem I had. But after switching on/off several times, and moving the headset around in 2m distance from the single base station it worked finally.


You’re story sounds like a fairytale to me :star_struck:
In my case:
Preorder Date: 31.10.18
Adress confirmation Mail: 18.02.19
Adress confirmation directly by Mail: 01.03.19
Adress confirmed and promise to ship soon : 04.03.19
… nothing
I really hope I going to receive my 5k+ :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the reply, great that you managed to deal with this error. But it is horrifying that something like this is happening at all: / One user has not dealt with the 10600 error right now - he has tried everything including the installation of a new Windows system. Now I’m happy that my goggles are coming to me and on the other hand I am afraid that something may go wrong with the installation. I hope everything will work.


Nice to see a positive post for a change instead of complaints. Im happy for you dode happy gaming