Time for an update yeah?



can we please get an update already…

Severe middle body pressure/pain
Severe middle body pressure/pain

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@xunshu, totally agree. Please an update with shipping to us backers!!


@xunshu Totally agree. In a week time you can work out a production schedule. The plan has been made public. Now the real dates and numbers.


we have to wait for the internal tests to finish…(!)


Oh, screw internal tests already…we’ve waited way too much.


Yes never mind doing any work to speed up production, you just spend all your time answering idiots on here, its much more important…


If asking for more transparency gives you the right to call me an idiot, so be it…


If I may, I think what many here are saying, or try to say (and sometimes comes across as rude - not suggesting the most recent was, or wasn’t) lies in the consistency of asking for an update, not the fact that someone is asking for one.
Simply put, it’s how often people are requesting updates that many are discouraging. I think everyone needs to calm down in every aspect of the “when”. Too many post result in bickering from it… Not directing this toward anyone specific, just something I’ve noticed around the threads over some time now. Be nice to each other in your responses.


We (testers) have not given the m1 green light yet, and lot of people are working hard on this. So please be patient. Thanks


Any more complaint threads and not only will you get no 8k you will get no ice cream.


@SweViver First:
I am not a patient!


Ok. I am in need of some personal assistance… Where is the door? What a nice shortbus… Yes of course I am coming with you…

I’ll be in a farm up state you know. It is nice and quiet there…


Haha I mean “have patience” :wink:


yeah, they got me with the patient thing too… oh my pride… maybe I’ll slip into some vr to escape the pane :wink:


Or I might have been referring to someone else.

Severe middle body pressure/pain


can we please get an update already…



Oh by the way, where is the lack of transparency with the Pimax crew, the fact that they don’t update us every 5 minutes is really fine, we are all grown up here aren’t we? After all it is only a VR headset not the cure for any major illness we are waiting for.


why you guys need an marketing update? sweviver already said that - work in progress , beta phase, no green light, progressing… details under NDA