Time for an update yeah?


I think part of the issue, with not having an update, is the information they would have to disclose in the update. I know that sounds obvious but think about it - if they go through each improvement that is currently being worked on, but isn’t finalized, they would have to disclose information on unfinished attributes of the software. It would stir up all kinds of drama and bad press. Also, I don’t believe they would be working consecutively on each issue, rather on every issue with multiple teams, all at once. I’m sure some things have been solved, but to get tidbits of info (minuscule updates) would be rather frustrating/damaging.


They pretty much have all the backers wondering what the hell’s going on. Its so simple. Why not just give a realistic timeline instead of dicking everyone around. @heliosurge could you do everyone a favor and just tell Xunshu to give a date. Everyone’s hung on the fact its in production which it clearly is not


Dates are worthless. Consider all the dates we’ve already been given. What we need to know is what’s left to be fixed, will there be an M2, another round of beta testing, etc.


I’m not agree , they may already produce most parts, others still testing, or fixed and assembling. Software/firmware is another story…


Tbh any update would be nice…maybe something about the controllers or the free software we are getting. There’s no point in asking for shipment dates as they are working hard to fix all the known issues so I believe they don’t know when it will ship…which is fine with me. I want to receive the best hmd that I possibly can get not something that was rushed out due to forum pressure and is littered with bugs. Please be patient people…good things come to those who wait


I am sure they will release some kind of update in the near future.

The real question is; after selling your pledge. Why are you pressuring for an update, that may make your decision to sell in doubt? If you sold for the wrong reasons?

Others who are still in are being patient anticipating the next update. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles::beers:


I’d like the info, just to know how much longer I’ll have to wait. We just want to know what progress has been made and what’s left to do.


I agree helio. … we are witnessing the incremental development of a hmd like no other. It excites me to be part of it and when it’s ready it’s ready and not before. I really don’t understand people demanding it now even if it has flaws. Remember when it’s finally released to us I believe the whole vr community will be green with envy…to say I’m excited is an understatement. …peace✌


I think most of us tend to forget that this forum consists of ~10 core members. One might think it’s a representation of us backers, while in the end, only the most impatient ones stick around, and 5200-something normal people just have faith that after all, it’s going to be fine.


I consider myself a bit of both. I check in daily here but I’m also patient and can’t be bothered to wine about the time all this takes.
Worst is a schedule that doesn’t get met. They’re better off saying nothing when they don’t know anything for sure. And we can’t do anything but speculate and cannibilize each other when we disagree or are different types of people, or just interpret all words litterally regardless of language barriers.
I’m glad some people try to calm things down every time discussions get heated again but how long can that keep working?
Having a forum full of backers and enthusiasts with little to no updates is kinda asking for trouble to brew


Well you are definitely as you were here b4 tge kickstarter. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yea, I was a Pimax 4K owner so I was here for that development. Only when I saw the 8K in real life did I decide I wanted in on this awesomeness that is wide fov VR. And with the screens Pimax uses it’s gorgeous. I don’t like my Pimax 4K because of the lack of controllers and positional tracking but I don’t want a Vive or Rift because I hate the SDE on those too much.

Almost got a second hand Vive for 300 euros the other day though but that’s as high as I want to go. Would have been cool for the base stations and controllers when my 8K arrives. But the seller backed out unfortunately. Someone talked some sense into him about that price I reckon hehe


This is a VERY valid point, we have guys like Davobkk6h that uses terms like [quote=“Davobkk, post:22, topic:6936”]
They pretty much have all the backers wondering what the hell’s going on

This is not the case. People need to quit assigning themselves spokesmen for ALL the backers. They are not. There are a few manchild’s that live here on the forum that cannot hold their water and NEED to get fed info to feel good and apparently function daily. There are THOUSANDS of backers…it is only a few, a literal handful, that are making this forum a nightmare to come too due to their constant/daily/hourly tantrums that are expressed in every thread pretty much. None of this behavior changes anything other than making this place a toxic hellhole. When the item is ready to ship, we will be told. Until then, assume they are working hard to finalize it. That is from all indications the case. Just accept it and make life and this place a more pleasant one until the delivery man is knocking at your door.


I couldn’t agree more.


I agree more. The amount of people not moaning far exceeds the few that do


Well said. Just chill out and wait to see what is delivered. Endless speculating and fretting over perceived potential problems won’t change a thing anyway.


furrows eyebrows
intense thought
“Is Hopper secretly Allocen’s alt account that he uses to make more status update posts?”


Well said Sir. …we have all pledged money on an ideal and this ideal will not be reached unless we chill and let pimax and the m1 testers forfill their role. As you have said we ( the people on this forum) are an absolute minority compared to the amount of actual backers. Therefore anybody taking credence from the vitreol that is spewing from some members buccal cavitys quite literally astound’s me. The headset will be ready when all deem it to be ready…yes, this final version may not 100% please everybody but the magority will accept it for what it is…a state of the art game changer…which will force the hand of every other Magor vr company to stop bringing out dogshit incrimental improvements. …these are all profit based and they’ll in my opinion will not be amused when a hmd arrives that actually pisses on their specs. Have faith everyone and ignore the nay sayer’s. I have faith that what we shall receive upon release is a quality headset with some issues that may be accepted by some and ignored by others…the same as every other hmd on the market…they all have cadveats but you either adjust to ignore them of go elsewhere. . End of rant. …peace out

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