Time to rethink current computer graphic technology?


We all know 3D generated imaging takes huge amounts of GPU power, and with the VR pushing the boundary limits of the current ones, we can expect 8K/15K HMD displays to come out sooner than later; many experts are saying that current GPU technology from Nvidia and AMD are close to their physical limits, and continuously doubling compute units in these GPU’s will only give a small amount of performance gain, even that…current memory technology like HBM2 already gives way more bandwidth than required, the problem is…Polygons are wasting a ridiculous amount of computing power for reaching little final detail.

This technlology below already exists from some years but for some reason no one seems interested in implementing it on current GPU’s, even if it could reach 100x and more the detail level of polygon generated 3D graphics, that even looks totally flat and fake in current VR headsets, for the simple fact that it is, in reality, FLAT :smile:



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