Titan Slayer II - early access


This game is just out on Steam. It’s early access and the content is only VERY limited, only 2 levels, so you’ll be done in like 30 minutes. BUT man, I just love this game, it makes me think of Arizona Sunshine but I feel it’s just a bit better, nicer graphics, more fun and very easy to play (I hate it when you first need to learn how everything works, or search hours where you need to go). Really hoping they keep developing this game and studios make more games like this.

It’s currently (way too) expensive: $30 for only 2 levels currently, but I’m hoping they keep developing this.

(keep in mind that not all content in the youtube video is currently available). I think if there were more games like this, VR would be much more popular among a much bigger audience. I feel this locomotion/game play is the perfect style for VR (no VR sickness at all)


That does look sweet.


Well it’s all personal of course but man I really prefer simple games. I played fallout 4 a couple of times and while I can certainly see that it’s a great game, it’s just not for me. I don’t want to find out where I need to go or how to use everything, I just want action :slight_smile: So I really enjoyed Arizona Sunshine and Super Hot and this is another game like that. Too bad it’s only 2 levels but for people interested in this type of games, this is surely one to follow!


Looks awesome. Definatly the kind of game I’d like to play with knuckles


Checkout Vox Machinae. Not bad Mech game.

For a quick free mrch experience War Robots VR