Toms hardware: Nvidia GTX 1180 possible July Release



can the mods plz delete this thread or at least move it to general…has no use to be in the 8k pimax thread



LOL I am the mod. I figured this is actually very much related to the Pimax 8k since we all need power like this to drive our HMD’s so this is pretty relevant to all Pimax 8k users. I just checked the last few NVIDIA threads, half of them were in “pimax 8k”, other half in “general”, I don’t think people complained about it before, you could make a case for both I guess.


If 1180 comes out in july i wonder when ti version will be released?


I believe 1080ti came out 6 months after1080 …


1180 coming out in July is still pure speculation, no real info has been leaked yet. No cards or benches seen in the wild. Just like there was speculation it’d be released in March, April, may etc…

There’s also speculation of jumping straight to 7nm, and delaying it til the end of the year. They’ve skipped an entire generation, that much is confirmed. And are pushing up the next gen release. Also, confirmed. So later in the year sounds reasonable (and still way ahead of schedule). Then usually ti comes a half cycle down the road, so…8 months to a year?

TDLR: don’t get excited yet, it’s still rumours. Wait until there’s at least a benchmark out there that we can speculate may be a new card. Nvidia did however tease something “gaming related”, which is just as likely to be something associated with their ray tracing.


Hey Cams truth this has both to do with 8k & General discussion & the same would be true if Amd gpu release.

Granted it could be said that it could be in all pimax headset threads.

So kinda borderline.


If the 1180 specs Are to be believed They are quite disappointing SMH


Agreed, which is why I’m planning to wait for the 1180Ti version.


As a sidenote:


Agree, I kind of hope that my pimax doesn’t come out before the 1180, I had to update my 770ti to a 980ti just a few months before the 1080 release and I’m not doing it again lol.


Based on the graph by @TheHolyOne the 1180 is 50% faster than the 1080 so that’s a hefty jump in performance, also there will as usual be all the other extras that come with their 11 series like the 10 series had over the 9 series.

The main issue will be supply so anybody wanting to get one of these, expect to wait months on end or pay a premium.


Unfortunately it seems that all articles about 1180 so far are based on wcftech rumor and not very serious. So I guess before jumping the gun I will have to wait for the official release and the official benchmarks.

On the other hand if the suggested performance is indicative for the technology, it could happen that 1180 Ti might be actually capable of running Pimax HMDs at required refresh. In this context 80Hz refresh might be even an advantage here.


ADVICE for Pimax video card please: With prices slowly creeping down on cards, and not wanting to spend more than $700-750, should I:

1). Hold out for 1180 in hopes it fits in budget
2.) Hold out in hopes 1080 Ti prices fall into my budget
3.) Settle for 1070 Ti or 1080?


General opinion wait & see test results. With new gpus released the older models which may have enough muscle will drop in price to make way for the new.


[quote=“MoreTrife, post:14, topic:6100, full:true”]
ADVICE for Pimax video card please: With prices slowly creeping down on cards, and not wanting to spend more than $700-750, should I:[/quote]
4) Buy a used 1080Ti, if you don’t mind taking a bit of a gamble.


I wouldn’t want to wait for GTX 1180ti. I think 1180 is suffice. Why? Because after Pimax 8K, I believe NEW HMDs will not required powerful graphics cards to run high detail gaming because they’re going with foveate rendering.



Waiting for the 1180Ti will certainly test my resolve. Personally, I don’t think foveate rendering will be coming to Elite Dangerous anytime soon and that’s the only game that really matters to me (at this time).

I want to be able to crank the visuals to ultra and set the super-sampling as high as I can. Therefore, I plan to wait a bit longer for my next GPU. I also intend to get the 16 GB version, since I don’t mind paying a bit extra, to guarantee that I won’t be hitting any bottlenecks.


What I want to know is why Pimax isn’t shipping the 8k with two 1180 ti. They have been delaying and delaying. I know it wasn’t part of the Kickstarter, but they should have an answer for this. What is the hold-up on the 1180 ti’s? I have lost faith.