Toms hardware: Nvidia GTX 1180 possible July Release


Ohh. Missed that fully.


Yeah sucks. My GTX 1080 is not strong enough already to drive my Vive pro completely, in Arizona Sunshine for example framerate drops at certain points. I could upgrade to GTX 1080TI, the money is not a problem, but man, I’m really starting to hate this company now, I won’t do it. Rather some stuttering zombies than rewarding a company for this behaviour, LOL


I don’t really have a choice. I will wait for as long as possible, but when my new ITX case arrives I need a new card as my current one wont fit anyway. Or maybe the 8K arrives first, both are Kickstarted so who knows


Yeah I understand. It’s exactly their strategy of course, I’m sure there are still tons of gamers on ever lower spec cards than the 1080 and they’re trying to force their hands now to first upgrade to 1080TI


Yeah I’m upgrading from a 970, works decent for 1080p gaming, but for VR, not so much.


On the flipside couldn’t they release a rebranded 1080ti with display interface support? Ie Cert DP1.4 & hdmi 2.x ?


The zombies stutter on my 1080Ti on a Rift so it’s not the GPU performance and more likely a bug somewhere.

For graphic eye-candy you should try “The vanishing of Ethan Carter” in VR. You need good VR legs though as its free movement (including sprinting). I play it seated and move my legs up and down under the desk which gets rid of any vr sickness :smiley:


Yeah got it. Really beautiful but it always made me feel very sick on my Pimax 4k. Should give it another try on the Vive Pro indeed.

Interesting btw that arizona sunshine stutters on the TI too, must be a bug then indeed


It is a game made up of assets from photogrammetry techniques. A lot of the rocks and stuff are as real as it can get I guess. Although they did have to do a lot of re-topology on the assets as a single rock would have exceeded the entire game engine poly limit ha.

If you are into photography and interested in how they did it, this is a good article:


Pimax will be my first HMD.

So when you say “free movement” you mean you use a controller to walk and sprint around like any first person normal game? And you try to mitigate VR sickness by moving your legs under your desk to help your brain cope with the VR movement? Haha neat.


A big source of motion sickness is turning/moving in a game. To combat that, game developers introduced the ‘teletransport’ function where you aim and then ‘teletransport’ towards that point and turning 90 degrees via a button click. But in that particular game you just move like in traditional gaming, really turning and moving and that adds a lot to the feeling of motion sickness.


Coming back to the topic, if you read the whole Q&A part from Nvidia press conf (I read it on Anand tech), you got the feeling they really decided to milk us (the gamers) hard. Jensen Huang even suggested buying current crop ASAP.


That is correct.

With the Rift touch controllers you just hold the thumbstick forwards and your character shoots forwards. If you come to a rock you just glide smoothly over it. This type of free movement is the biggest cause of nausea because it is too sudden without any physical force on your body.

I read that the medical explanation is that your brain thinks you are hallucinating due to being poisoned so causes you to vomit up whatever you ingested which is causing the unnatural stimuli.

There are many tricks VR Devs use these days to combat VR Sickness and not many games offer free movement like Ethan Carter so do not worry too much. A few that do, apply a limited FOV as you move which helps massively and when you stop moving your FOV returns to full.


Sad thing is that we NEED those cards so much that most of us actually will do exactly like they want. We’re addicts who need their drug :slight_smile:


Interesting. I haven’t heard of that explanation before, but it certainly makes sense.


True. I’m a big fan of NVidia’s cards, but not of their marketing tactics. I’m willing to wait; I refuse to buy a 1080Ti, when something better will be available “soon”. According to rumors, the delay is due to NVidia possibly skipping a generation of chips and moving to 7nm technology.


Jensen Huang, our personal Pusher :wink:

Seriously though, I would love if AMD could release a high end competitive GPU.
And also get a third player in the game, both when it comes to high end GPU’s and normal x86 CPU’s
Not that I think any of them will happen for a long time.


I think NVidia said themselves at Compudicks yesterday that there will be no new gfx cards released any time soon. I’m so happy I bought my 1080 ti when I did. Cause honey badger 1080 ti don’t care!


Agreed but that won’t happen. The word already is out that their 2019 Navi won’t even be able to beat the 1080. Quite sad …


I hope those rumors are false but wouldn’t be suprise if they actually are true.
Plus if they can succed with having a good price/performance ratio it may end up fueling a bigger R&D budget even if they don’t have a flagship card.