Toms hardware: Nvidia GTX 1180 possible July Release


It is up to AMD to push for the next Geforce release. Nvidia is milking Pascale thanks to the crypto money.


Yup, The sales curve must be through the roof at the moment so any talk of a new card coming would kill sales (which is why they suddenly became available again due to rumors imo). Now those rumors have been squashed with his statement and guess what, the cards are all going out of stock again.


Man i long for days when we had 3dfx and matrox around to least provide some competition…i still remember first time using triple screen using Matrox box…was great for sim racing when at the time very few racers had that set up…dam im old…lol


Pimax will be your first? I really suggest you try a vive/oculus/wmr/psvr headset to know the limitations of the headsets of today. Cause if you try the pimax 8k you won’t even know the HUGE jump it took from the 110 FOV to the almost human eyes 200 FOV and of course the increase in res. Trust me, you’ll appreciate your pimax 8k WAYYY more this way. (Supposing it’s great of course )


Voodoo 3DFX was the best piece of hardware I bought back then. The difference was incredible. And not to mention business based ISDN lines at home for ultimate ping. Competitive (clan tag SPAMANIM) Quake CTF with a ping of 11ms on some servers :smiley: Ahh the ole days. Rail gun kills across the map and grappling through the rooms with the flag. It was a lot of fun.

@spamenigma nostalgia


I agree!! My first real gpu was 3dfx voodoo 5500…that card wasnt the fastest but had the best anti aliasing at the time…


Bought a voodoo 1 for playing tombraider (dos) with 3dfx second half of the 90s. With billinear filtering it looked so much better („like real“ :joy:). Looping the vga cable via the 3dfx card to a 17“ triton tube monitor.
Later upgraded to voodoo 2 and then two voodoo 2 in sli to play in 1024x768 in 16bit. Later upgraded to voodoo 3 but did jump to nvidia gforce 2 soon to play in 32bit. Still have the voodoo 1 and voodoo 2 card laying around somewhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Did also fiidle around with peltiers to cool the pentium III-500 slot 1 to subsero degrees with a selfmade aquarium pump watercooling system. No comercial consumer watercooling systems available at that time :joy:.
Well, lomg time ago…


Have you seen the new leaks of information about the 1080/2080?
Based on Toms Hardware

It is supposed to have HDMI 2.1 with 48 GBit/sec, 4K at 120hz


HDMI 2.1 having issues.
AMD next gaming video boad is NAVI 7nm
NAVI is in the first half 2019
NVIDIA plays when AMD plays, so 1180 is in 2019 too.


I have issues too, and I am still up and running :running_man: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There is more than one tactic to defeat your opponent, but I fear that you are right - NVIDIA is milking the 1080‘s badly as long as folks play along.