[Toronto Meetup Picture Updated] VR 2.0 - In Dreams We Live on 16th Jan



Pimax Toronto Meetup with VRTO on 16th Jan,2019

Join us for the exclusive launch of Pimax VR in Canada

Please register here:

Here are the Meetup photos(These phptoes taken by @Heliosurge ):

[Pimax Official] Call for 3 volunteers -- 16th Jan. Toronto Meetup


Pimax Toronto Meetup information


So im currently at the toronto Meetup. I have tried both the 8k and the 5k+.

I definetly made the right decision going with the 5k+ .

Both were very comparable. I couldnt really tell if the resolution was different between the two as far as SDE. but the 5k+ seems sharper.

The black levels on the 5k+ were more than acceptable.

the demos they were using were mostly art exhibit things. no real games. So that was a disappointment.

Also I wasnt able the dial in the IPD perfectly so I could see distortion . The 8k seemed to have maybe a bit more distortion. but I dont think its fair to say since it wasnt setup perfectly for my eyes.

Edit: I was able to try the 5K plus one more time on a different unit and there was no Distortion and the graphics were perfect the game that they let us play was the blue.


Dam Dam Dam. Kicking myself I missed the notice on this meet.


its still going until 9:45 est maybe you can make it :slight_smile:


Nope too far out but glad you got to try them.


Thanks for every volunteer’s help.@Nohr and @Adrian

Thanks @Heliosurge for your effects and every backers’ support.