Total number of HMD shipped


@PimaxVR, please take over this thread and just post the total number of HMDs shipped by Pimax
No need for any other numbers(except maybe highest Backer-Nr shipped), if emails haven´t been sent we would still have the number you sent out.
So everyone can guess when he or she is going to be lucky

Lock the thread down and delete all other posts (including mine). Just one post from you per day…
This would improve the support for us backers and i´m sure ALOT of us would appreciate this.
Thanks in advance

@Pimax-Support, @PM_Sean, @xunshu maybe you can forward this or maybe do this yourself. Thanks again.

Update 24.10.
7 Days no numbers…
Leaving shipping out, how many HMDs have you produced up until now?
Please give us something @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @xunshu