TPCast Aims to Bring up to 8K Resolution with New 2.0 Wireless VR Solution


I really hope pimax can make a deal with these guys and allow it to work with the pimax.


Here is the chat transcript i had with them:

Tpcast: Hello. How may I help you?

Me: hey
when is tpcast 2.0 releasing?

TPcast:Hello Mohammad, I am Wajdi, how are you?
the TPCast 2.0 will be released in retail markets within this quarter

Me: Q1? nice

Tpcast: yes sir, this same quarter, Q1

Me: how much and which headsets will it support?

Tpcast: but we don’t have the exact date or the market price up to this moment. I ti expected to be a universal headset to work with almost all the models
currently, we confirm the Vive, Oculus, and microsoftVR

Me: ohh

Tpcast: other models are being tested to be confirmed

Me: also, make sure to test the pimax 8k
it’s another steamvr headset

Tpcast: of course, the new TPCast can support 8k for sure

Me: ohh excellent
that’s all i wanted to hear haha 12:20:01 pm


As has been replied to when you posted this to reddit, the support rep probably confused TPCast Plus and 2.0

I very much doubt TPCast would show its Plus product at CES 2018 only to have the 2.0 version make that redundant within a month before it even materializes as an end-consumer product.


TPcast plus is the 2.0 version. The 2.0 refers to the TPCast software. Plus is the hardware.


Absolutely not.

The Plus version is an ergonomic upgrade (it’s all on the head) as well as a firm- and software upgrade, as it is meant to support hot-swapping the battery and should offer microphone support. Really, it is the end-consumer product that the non-Plus version never managed to be. It still uses the same TX and RX modules, which are based on WirelessHD (60Ghz) protocoll and silicone as well as 802.11ac (5GHz) for USB-over-ethernet.

TPCast 2.0 is based on a completely different approach and uses 802.11ay (60Ghz) as well as 802.11ax.

They are absolutely not the same product, and the link to their press release only describes version 2.0

EDIT: Just chatted with TPCast support, here’s the transcript:

TPCast Support 1
Hello. How may I help you?

Johannes Buehler
TPCast Support 1
Hi Johannes , This is Miguel. Thank you for contacting TPCast. How may I help you today?

Johannes Buehler
Can you please explain the differences between TPCast Plus and TPCast 2.0?
TPCast Support 1
As of the moment, we have no further information regarding both products. There are no specifications given to us yet.

Johannes Buehler
ah ok
I already have the current model TPCast for my Vive, so that’s why I was wondering
do you ahve any information regarding the expected launch dates for the respective products?
TPCast Support 1
Unfortunately not as of the moment.

Johannes Buehler
ok thank you. Have a nice day!

So at this point their support staff knows less than their own press release.

Berlin backer meetup

Ok thanks Press release was confusing since it did not mention any new hardware. Probably going to be a while before we see this then.


Tpcast is notorious for promising a MUCH earlier release date than they are able to do, to get people to anticipate and not buying other products in the near future. I think, they had an issue with microsoft and amazon because of this.


an corp

with the headset now close being to mass production have you also looked into a wireless solution/partner yet ?



Thats a good question considering our forthcoming voucher ,would be nice to know if this tec is going to be outsourced or made entirely by pimax themselves ?