Tracking Drift situation


Hi all

i have the pimax 4k and i use it primarily in flight simulation “DCS World”
the issue is the tracking drift as most would know. if u look around 90 degrees to either side the tracking does not return to centre. i would like to know if this is a hardware limitation or if it relies on software aswell. have pimax just disregarded the issue because they are focused on the 8K ? i personally am happy with basic 4k due to pc requirements to run vr in general.
since i fly DCS 95% of the time i use the headset is there an older version of piplay that worked better, i have read that DCS has native VR support for the oculus and u dont need to use steam VR. is this possible with the pimax ? as i dont have DCS installed in steam but it requires steam to run as well as pi play and oculus home. so i have many programs openning on a lower end system.


@Enopho has a good method for calibration of gyro. A key for re center is reccommend for correction when needed.


umm his question was posted 9 months ago… i think maybe he was on an old version of piplay back then and didn’t have the giro calibration on that version of piplay?


My bad we might have missed this post by the looks of it.


or he posted in multiple places and we helped him in another post… who knows!