Tracking issues since latest Vive update?

I used to play Elite Dangerous with my Primax 5k XR and I use two new base stations (built 2019).

Today Steam installed a new version of its VR software and now the tracking does not work anymore.
I like to mention that I also made a bios update.

If I switch of the Lighthouse tracking, I may use the Pimax but without tracking.
If I switch on the tracking, the Pimax is displayed as “tracked” in the piTool if it is not visible for the boxes, but as soon I put the Pimax on or move it into a position which can be tracked by the stations the Pimax can not be tracked anymore (also pointed out in the PiTool)
The light house boxes as well as the VR controller are tracking/tracked all the time… but not the Pimax!

I have raised a ticket and sent all my log-files.

Does anyone else have similar problem since the latest update of the steam vr software?

No issue here, try turning the hmd off and on, if not then restart pi service and if not then computer restart.

tried it already without success…

Maybe try switching the USB port then.

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