Trackpad vs thumbstick


Thank you. Our Team will consider and discuss this subject in next few days and will update soon. :relaxed:


Pimax please contact Valve and license the reference design and add modifications to it. we want same buttons/cap sense as valve knuckles. Basically reference design but with an option for thumb stick and of coarse Pimax styling is good.
Look here for more details about valves knuckles design.


About design like the MR controller.
I think like this for a long time.

Not sure it will be more convenience if we swap between track pad and stick, because track pad use bigger area while stick don’t need much area and it should be on right of controller.


Doesn’t middle finger button make Pimax controllers inferior (in that regard) to Valve’s knuckles which have cap sense?


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The option by objective of 4 million to choose type of command in knuckle driver.
I propose 2 options:
Option 1:
that the knuckle driver has both systems integrated at the same time.
Option 2:
That the part of the Thumbsticks and trackpad are interchangeable with each other.
Giving the possibility of using the same connection and taking advantage of all the controller to have the option to quickly and easily change it when we want.
So they could even sell only in the future what type of connector is wanted (Thumbsticks or trackpad ) and lower the cost of manufacturing.
think about it please
a greeting


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I think that instead of the “Middle Finger Button” there should be the “Middle Finger Cap Sense” and the “Pointing Finger Button” in the back.

Think about the shooting games or even about the applications. It would be much more intuitive if we were shooting or triggering with the Pointing Finger.

It’s a total nonsense that our mostly used finger (pointing finger) is going to have no function with the controllers.


I have question, if the controller is thumbstick, how it can support the pressing 4 direction (up, down, left, right) on trackpad? Is there anygame ever use this action and how oculus can support those game?

I need pimax to work with revive for supporting stick controller too (stretch goal $2.5M).


To @PimaxVR:

Since Pimax is so modular, why not add a module to the control just to replace the Trackpad with Thumbstick? In SteamVR the Trackpad is used for multiple uses apart from joystick. Put one module with Pad and another with joystick that can be purchased separately, so anyone could play in both ways and be compatible with everything. It would also be good as a replacement.

In the end, I’m Backer.


That´s the best idea I´ve read so far! :heart_eyes:

So I can just switch them if I prefer one over the other for a certain kind of game


We just need some things like this?
Is very cheap. Easy to make this one for every backers.


Solution has been proposed by a forum member here, here: Let's make the thumb part of the controller a little module!


With Thumbstick they could have 4 buttons around the stick; maybe in an “X” layout instead “+” layout for ergonomics.

I do know the team is evaluating the ideas the community has presented & we will likely have an update soon. For reference here is an idea

Rough idea


Thumbstick version should have a small stick like oculus but maybe not as tall and a d-pad.


I have an oculus that has a thumbstick and I haven’t come across any game so far that I’d rather use a trackpad for. Do you have an example?


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someone already proposed the way and much easier than the one shown before.

Deciding between a thumbstick and a touchpad will be difficult without trying it before. A modular design like this could be useful. Excuse my lack of painting skills. An appropriate design concept would have taken more time. :wink: Instead of a simple locking mechanism, you can also make the part of the touch / thumb panel replaced with screws to make it tougher. I’m not sure, but this concept could also work for other modules (like machine gun, sword and shield, fishing angel, etc.)

Valve like modular Knuckle Controller Concept

Yep its a cool idea. If you recall Saitek had there Cyborg controller with the thumpstick dpad swap.

There’s the :battery: ss. Lol

With what one user here mentioned using a shorter maybe sunk in a bit. Tge stick can be surrounded by the “Dpad” buttons


Me too I have a rift and I’m totally agree with you.
But even oculus change to trackpad on the Santa Cruz’s controllers, they have probably some reasons, and Vive didn’t change and keep it for the knuckles.


They could have switched to the trackpad because the Santa Cruz is meant to be a portable, self contained unit, maybe they figured the trackpad would be more durable carrying around. Also, they said nothing was final so there’s a chance it could switch back in the final version


Maybe… Or maybe the vr company decided to move to trackpad.
Also one last t thing, as a rift user, when the game (some month ago) was designed for Vive wand it was very hard to emulate some trackpad move. When the game was not designed for the touch.

I don’t know if the Vive users experiment the same problem using revive for occulus games or if it’s way easier for a trackpad to emulate a stick.

I would like to know that, since I don’t have a Vive.


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I’m thinking about the issue of the controls. If they will deliver one of each mode … One with trackpad command and another with yostick … Depending on the dominant hand of each one could choose which system to use for main control. As long as the restraint is valid for both hands.