Trackpad vs thumbstick


There needs to be a proper thumb stick, like one would expect on a proper gaming controller, otherwise it would probably be better just to stick with a trackpad. A little sliding knob just wouldn’t cut it.


I agree… I will not opt in for a thumbstick but it needs to be proper or those that prefer it might feel cheated.


I’ve used those. Not the same as a real stick.


Print it with a 3D printer, and try the ergonomy.


A replaceable module was my suggestion since days or ove a week… Other tread (“spoiled for choice” in the title) :wink: .
Gladly to see, there are other peaople with this wish, and a better english and using of Tags (now i see).
In my thread are many “alarmists”.
Too complicate, too expensive, risk of wear (this alarmists are not forced to change it often…) etc. 0_o.

It seems, now existing 3 threads/Suggestions…
For me, this is a hard decision.
I believe in doubt for the trackpad.
Because it’s normal with Vive…
Games are programmed for this…
And it seems, Oculus change to a touch pad with his project santa cruz controller prototypes.
Or only for a mobile headset?

But perfect would be: Both!
Perhaps with buying the other changeable module later.
Or in the case this modules not expensive, both.
I think, a analog thumpstick is not expensive…

Now we spoiled for choice.
If we decide for one system, we must live with this, and we become never experience with the other controller… No, four controllers are not a solution…

Are there spare parts?
I would choose the more expensive controller, and buy the other module as spare parts.
Then I could change it with a screwdriver to get experience with BOTH systems.
Not very comfortable, but a solution to geht experience with BOTH controller types…

And perhaps, a modder with 3D printer could build a plug-in system.

Before I would complete the “survey”, please tell me the availability (date etc.) and prices of this spare parts.
Trackpad and thumpstick.

And I think, a modular concept are also better for the retailers.
And a big advantage over the competitors…

If this controllers are actually not in production, please make a modular design with changeable touch/stick.
I think, this is possible. It is worth a trying by a 3D CAD designer.
two metal stripes V-shaped pressed together is a very rough plug…

A combined design is a compromise…
Between this Microsoft controllers an the hand drawings from oko95.

Full comfort trackpad, and beside a little thumpstick (like a “coolie hat”).

Actually, I think a good double design is the best for both “fanboys” :wink: .

Than, we could use both in games and apps.

And more possibilities for game and app designer.


I’m so happy the survey confirmed all these terrible ideas will never be. Separate controllers are the only choice now give it up with this “spoiled for choice” crap…


Seperate controllers is not mean the ideas in this topic are terrible, it is good when people try to brainstorm.

The headstrap which can detach the audio come from the forum.


All the people on my website who are Pimax 8K backers are going to request controllers with trackpad for compatibility; except for a person who has made a mistake in choosing and is trying to change them. Everyone complains about not being able to use both modules with the same controller. All would have also bought the two types of modules.
The developers are now going to see that there are very few users with joysticks.


All the oculus players will, me included. I have both vive and oculus, and I didn’t hesitate for a second to choose a thumbstick.


All SteamVr games have touchpad control and the next ones to have to be compatible with knuckles that also have touchpad


@ Cdaked

“Everyone complains about not being able to use both modules with the same controller.”

My English is not perfect, but you say, all people" say a double design is “not possible”?
Look at the microsoft controller, it is possible.
For the Pimax 8K, a trackpad, AND thumpstick left and lower.
Like the second design from “Skynet”. But the thumpstick could be bigger.
There is enough space, and the thump can easy move to both.

Where is this “website” :slight_smile: ?


i dont now if i choose trackpad or thumbstick… i never tried trackpad, its compatible with all games?


Yes but most Steam games are compatible with touch, and thumbstick works fine. In which game did you have a problem ? On the other hand, trackpad is not precise enough for some oculus games.


Yes, I’ve never had a problem with my thumbsticks or ever wished I had a trackpad. I see people saying flexibility is why they would choose trackpad, but what exactly do you need it to do that a thumbstick can’t do? If it’s simulate various buttons, physical buttons would be much better for that since you’re blind in VR and having a physical button lets you feel for it. I can’t see how breaking a trackpad up into segments for buttons could be anything but a recipe for accidental presses and pressing the wrong buttons constantly.


Never tried Steam Controller?


I actually have a steam controller and like it vs a thumbstick for 2D games. But, it’s a much bigger trackpad than what would be on the pimax controller, the advantages of being able to aim easier go away because you’re aiming with your hands in VR, and again, you would lose the physical button which really helps in VR since you can’t look at the controller to see where you are.


I believe it is almost the same size actually

I just checked against my own Steam Controller, my thumb takes the same space, when it is lying down.


Even if it is the same size the question is how is it better than the thumbstick for VR given the other points I raised? The advantage for me on the steam controller is that you can aim better than the thumbstick in FPS, but that’s totally moot in VR.


trackpad is not precise enough for some oculus games because Oculus does not support wand controllers.

We have to look at the steamVR platform that is going to use our headset

It is my humble opinion.


He was also saying that he hasn’t had a problem using a thumbstick in steamvr, which I haven’t either. Are you saying you’ve come across something in steamvr that doesn’t work well with a thumbstick?