Trackpad vs thumbstick


Yes hostas is nice if:
A) You budget for it (not cheap unless you count the $70 ps4 version)
B) memorized the buttons

The same could be said with the $250 racing wheel plus the cost of the 3 pedals & stick shift.

So on the controller side sticks work best at least in my experience. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yep done long before oculus touch. It was implemented with Razer Hydra.

However if a game (don’t know any myself off hand) requires gestures then the stick will not work easy.


Yes in some rare instances a gesture may be awkward to do on a stick but not impossible.


Thats why it might be simpler to cut a steam controller in half & mirror the left & split grip button to 2 & add cap sense for the pinky. & then of course laser tracking handle. Lol


Steam Controller style track pads work very differently from what you’d find on a laptop, I’ve tried both. Also, the Steam Controller is amazing for twin sticks, you’d just never use d-pad mode for it. You’d use stick emulation for movement and screen area for aiming.

That said, when you do feel the need to use a controller track pad in dpad mode (and there are quite a few reasons to do so) it works every bit as well as an actual dpad. The fact that it’s only emulating one doesn’t really impact things.


I haven’t actually played any VR games before, but I haven’t ever felt the need to look at my steam controller to find the center on the pad either. You generally get a feel for it very quickly and the shape of the controller is designed to place your hand in the right position, though you could add some texturing to the pads or use adaptive centering if it really becomes an issue.

Also, DS3 is Dark Souls 3. Sorry about that.


this is why it makes sense to pick trackpad where any picking is necessary.


That hasn’t been my experience. The right trackpad is not a great substitution to the right stick.

Yes it can work. But i my experience usually better to bound the gyro to fine tune movement/aim.

Yes trackpad is a bit different to a good laptop but is still more or less the same tech. After all the round trackpad so to speak came with the original ipod.


True, but that’s largely because there are much better options than using a stick for aiming. In a normal FPS, you’d want to set the pad to act as a mouse and the gyro to do the same, as you said, to smooth things out. For twin sticks, you generally want the left pad in screen region mode, where the screen (or a circular section around the center) is mapped to your pad. In games that don’t let you use mouse input, the pad can also be set as a mouse-like joystick, which works surprisingly well. All of that said, the left pad works perfectly well for movement.


Playing flight simulators with a Hotas is very rewarding and work best than anything else(And you don´t need the pedals for it). Of course some models are expensive (I have a Warthog), but there are cheaper options that also work well. Now about memorizing controls, this is very simple and intuitive, you do not even have to look at the joystick, everything is within reach of the hands and fingers. And if you use voice attack together, you do not even need anything else.:relaxed:


I bought a Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS package which is a decent setup for $255 CDN (It’s a little cheaper now) and I love it. It’s not a Warthog by any means but its a well rated set that is more reliable then Saitek (from what I read).
It took Elite Dangerous to another level and would do the same to any Sim really. I haven’t played Elite in VR yet and as prepared and psyched as I am I don’t think my brain can comprehend how amazing it’s going to be.


I’m using Saitek HOTAS x55 Rhino with my Vive in E:D
After all, your brain will refuse to play E:D without the headset.


Here’s maybe an interesting idea. Why not take the idea of the click wheel on the original Ipod. Make the track ring convex with touch stick in the center. Keep the ring clickable but with 4 buttons like ipod wheel has.

One could center in stick & swipe thumb off to part of track pad wheel.

Maybe a future module?


We’re evolving to fast here Heliosurge.:robot:


Rise of the machines. Cyberpunk anyone? :beers::smiling_imp::+1::sparkles:


Any motion sickness issues while playing ED ? Maybe during the first hours ?


If you do not play standing, you will not feel any sickness. E:D is very comfortable


Especially standing while doing a barrow roll. Lol


That would remove most of the benefits and uses of a pad while also making misclicks on either side more likely.


Nah not if you know what your doing.

Mis clicks involves pressing. Sliding involves no pressing. Just check out an old ipod.

Truth cap sense is likely to lead to mis clicks as sometimes your finger hovers above & could activate it.