Tried to buy Index controllers from Steam - 'working' page timeout and can't rebuy



Typical, never had a problem with buying software. Could be a Paypal connection issue on their part I suppose. I can’t try again because it tells me there is an existing ongoing transaction, but after 20 mins I don’t have much hope that the first attempt is going to work.

But now that I’m trying to get support, I realise they don’t have an appropriate section for this. So I have raised it as an issue, but under a different irrelevant topic. Ah well!


I feel for you. but for me slightly different, i get all the new and latest products being sent to me… ‘but this buy that’ so i want to buy them… i get to the store, and i get 'not sold in your country;.

Well thanks Steam!



Well that’s far worse sorry to hear that, esp with the Pimax delay :frowning: I’d wait myself if I hadn’t already been waiting so long.

I guess (hope) they are more flexible with their delivery areas if they can ship from China etc?


They don’t ship to Canada right now either. I have been a Steam member since it launched so it kind of hurts.


Sorry hear that too, this clearly isn’t an issue of shipping distance or anything like that. Different standards for batteries, or electronic emissions etc I guess?

I suppose Pimax will face the same restrictions?


With NAFTA we have no problem with consumer electronics. Our RF standards are compatible, There is no duty on home consumer electronics. We have no taxes on international on-line purchases at this time, afaik,
Oculus has sent me 2 Touch controllers and 1 sensor (kit) on 2 separate purchasing occasions (Kentucky to Toronto) , No taxes, no duty, shipping included Fedex.
That’s 2 Touch controllers and 1 sensor for $139 CA total. That’s $104 USD. Both times took 4 days.
It’s more about them assessing supply and demand I think.

Thing is, as fun as future use of all fingers might be, all I really need is thumb sticks.
If Sword had thumb sticks, I would be all over it in Feb (wanna bet CNY turns that to April?). Frankly, Touch controllers for Lighthouse would be a dream. Small, balanced, light, ABXY, mini-stick, haptic, cap-sense the way the game gods intended.


Yeah sure, I saw that Canadian buyers go to Amazon for Index controllers, so I can only guess that it is Valve’s direct global distribution deal that is limited.

I would have waited for Pimax myself, but as I gave up controller stuff six months ago I can’t be bothered to wait nearly another year. If their designs comprehensively beat Index in ergonomics etc then I may consider swapping in future

I am interested in the possibility of full use of the hand controls eg for FPS stuff like Onward, and I have very high hopes for Boneworks, that’s some of the best VR physics I’ve seen to date


Index controllers not available on Amazon Canada


Oh my bad sorry. I saw a couple of posts on here from a while back:

“Users in Canada can order from EB Games or Amazon Canada Online.”

“We can’t buy any hardware from steam. Never could. Steam controllers are sold through EB Games and Amazon.”

Mistaken or outdated I guess.


Been with Steam since the beginning so understand,

Ya I read that thread, as well, a month or so back. I checked Amazon Ca and EB games Ca at that time. As is the case now, I see neither sight selling Valve Index controllers atm.
I can however buy docking stations and grips for Index controllers on both Amazon Ca and Ebay Canada sites. I expect Amazon will get them at some point.