Trying to get the Razer Hydra to work with the Pimax 4K


I just bought the Razer Hydra controllers. I downloaded the Hydra drivers from Razer, also downloaded the sixense SDK from Steam. The Hydra controller works on the desktop but I cant get the controller to work in VR, Pimax HMD. When I run room set up, if I choose room scale, my HMD shows working but the controllers are blacked out. If I run the Standing Only the controller still dont work in the HMD. Any suggestions??


Don’t install the sisense software. Just the steamvr driver.


Thank you sir. Ill try that!


Not sure if mine’s faulty or a property of Hydra. But find it’s tracking can be wonky.


Im not sure where to find the “steamvr” driver for the Hydra controllers?


I did however install the Hydra drivers from the Razer website


You might need yo uninstall the Razer Drivers to get it to use tye special steamvr driver.


The Steamvr Driver can be found in the Software under Library.


Ok Ill give it a try, “back to the drawing board”. Thanks


Try the Steamdriver first Library\Software tools


I should see Steamdriver correct?


I will take a look when I get home. In the meantime this should work a store link.


Ok, Thanks much Helio, I now have controllers for the first time in a year since I bought the P4K. Yes I see what you mean by the jutter. I have it too. Not a big deal though. One other question and it can wait but how do I keep my Hydra controllers from moving the curser on the desktop. Its keeps messing with the desktop during gameplay. thanks!


Hmm… Will have to retest on my end. You might need to disable the sisense driver you installed.

Mine I find the tracking seems to lose somewhat the position of the base & wanders a bit.

In Death for example they use that horrible teleport via special arrow & to use both controllers it seems to quickly loose calibration. But to be honest i need to research this better.


No problem. I dont have enough time with them to notice any drifting just yet. I played Space Pirate some. I disabled the Sexense before I installed the SteamVR drivers.


Now that I can navigate the youtube website with the Hydras. I want to view SBS videos but the youtube player does not have the side by side option like simple VR and Whirligig players have. Any suggestions?


I haven’t look too much into sbs youtube vids. You might need something like Bigscreen.