Tyriel Wood - Pimax first impression pre-Review



That’s exactly what i mean. And being a reviewer, you have an responsibility to get in-deep with the product before you post content. Otherwise you are risking to influence your audience with improper information.

If the first impression is based on improper setup from start or lack of knowledge, it will never be a good impression. You can make the Pimax look like shit by changing FOV without restarting SteamVR, which gives u kind of a double/mirrored image in the peripherals (going from normal or small to large fov especially).

Also a proper IPD number makes a huge difference.

I think we had dozens of backers on the meetups screamimg “DISTORTION!!” until I told them to adjust the IPD. A few seconds later it was a “WOW” moment :wink:

Also having the SteamVR supersampling on auto with a PC with anything slower than a 1080Ti will result in a poor image quality because the SS is most likely auto set to 20-40% for better performance.

There are many factors that can totally kill the first impression. But as am influencer or reviewer you have the responsibility to do some research in advance, at least if u have a couple of hours to test - and not only 15 minutes on an VR show or exhibition.


Its a deep rabbit hole to go down Martin. Unless you follow the forum 24/7 this is what to expect. Either way Tyrel’s headset has dead pixels now so its DOA


Your definition of “first impression” clearly differs from mine. If it was a matter of not following the instructions or not having the right environment, etc,etc… then I would agree with that. But I’m willing to bet that Tyriel’s first impressions on the Pimax will be similar to the many thousands who will receive their unit without the benefit of a backer meetup and/or lots of hours researching on the device beforehand. But I do believe that Tyriel has a responsibility to do as much troubleshooting and testing of the unit before he releases his “full review” which he indicated he would. If I recall… you never did a “first impression” video of Pimax.

Maybe Pimax should expand their included instructions on reducing these distortion issues? As more people receive their unit… the more the topic here in the forum has been about it.

Would you really call 3 dead pixels DOA? I’ll admit, both Tyriel and myself didn’t notice the pixel issue for a while. Actually, I never saw the dead pixels. Tyriel emailed me about it after I left.


IMHO distortion profile was calibrated for single IPD, ppl with close value to this ipd will not have a problem with distortions becouse the will expirecing them at the very edges
@Dallas.Hao can Pimax calibrate my distortion profile if i give them my IPD ? becouse I see them where the lenses circle starts, only large sweetspot is not distorted

@SweViver Marcin if you dont see geometry distortions that’s mean pimax calibrated devices for testers IPD - its not possible get used to it becouse they are too large and that’s my honest opinion after week of playing with pimax 5k. Ofcourse headset is great but this is an big issue when moving your head extremely in flight sims. I have no issue in racing games becouse you are concentrating your view mostly on the center of the road…


There was a good reason for that :wink:


thing about dead pixels is once you see them its hard to un-see them,:grin:

any thoughts on my earlier question about warranty for backers vs normal customers?


Please tell , the NDA is over its okay now , unless pimax has agents on rappel lines outside your window ready to strike.:sweat_smile:


Well the reason was the fact i was under NDA, thats the problem :wink:


Pimax actually addressed this issue. They said that they are implementing a better system for detecting problem panels which would reduce the possibilities of bad panels being delivered to users. They also said they would provide those early backer units with replacement HMD’s right away and have them shipped to the backers without the need for the backers to ship their problem HMD first. I personally think that Pimax admitting to the issue and providing this solution shows their commitment to the backers! I was pleased with that!


good news. Better than htc support.


although i guess we have the leaked emails for that. Imagine sebastian gave his first impressions video day one? hahah


No one would expect a first impression video of a prototype (though many begged them for it :laughing:)
… but the units they have today are no longer “M” models!


I hope they can sort out these issues soon because these types of reviews make pimax not look so good.

did you read some of the comments on the video , some people feed off of bad press.


If I recall correctly there was discussion in the forums about Pimax delaying delivery to backers until they had polished the software so it would work more easily straight out of the box. And as I recall the reaction was “NO!!, backers are deeper enthusiasts and can handle (and thrive?) on figuring out how to make cutting edge tech work. Send us our damn HMDs!”

Would anyone in these forums (and surmising for other backers who don’t come here) prefer delivery to stop until all the setup bugs are ironed out?

Of course, they have started to sell to early buyers so those folks may have a different opinion about how well it should work straight out of the box.


The unit does work. The issues being discussed have nothing to do with “polished software” and the vast majority of Tyriel’s impression as well had nothing to do with the software. In fact, Tyriel mentions how easy the system was to install and setup. But yes, the software does need more polishing but that was never really mentioned.

I’ll take it you never owned a Pimax 4K! :laughing:


Better software (or firmware) would not have prevented this? Or maybe just a good set of instructions.

Maybe add “and a good set of instructions” to my “If I recall correctly there was discussion in the forums about Pimax delaying delivery to backers until they had polished the software”

Either way my point stands that backers and Pimax intentionally advanced delivery with out polish because we the backers were tired of waiting.

Admittedly I have not watched the first impression video and don’t intent too. I don’t need to. The 3 Amigos have told me all I need to expect when I get my HMD in… June? Backer 6000+ !! :disappointed_relieved:



No, I doubt better firmware of Pitools will correct this. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. More guidelines would certainly help though.

I understand your point… and it’s a good point. But if you think the consumer version once Pimax begins selling the unit after pre-orders (in a few months) is going to be much improved… I think you’ll be in for a surprise! Man, I really hope you get yours before June… Nah, you really should receive it long before June.


I have to say that, to my mind, whilst Pimax is resposible to their customers, for the integrity of their final products, quality assurance on the display panels is ultimately on the manifacturer that supplies them, surely?


good point. Tyriel is a backer so he should just #dealwithit

maybe just don’t spread false alarms about how crappy it is to regular folk


Did you really feel he was calling the system crappy? I myself didn’t get that impression. It might not have been a great “first impression” but it was just that… a first impression.