Tyriel Wood - Pimax first impression pre-Review



no i thought he was being truthful… some people are taking his words to mean …and I quote “unusable”


Even SweViver had trolls making similar comments and worse about the Pimax even though Martin gave it a BIG thumbs up on the 5K+. Heck, there are trolls here at times in the Pimax forum making dumb comments! But overall, I wouldn’t say the total of comments on his video reflected that attitude.


So when’s the full review coming?


I have no idea… but I think Tyriel would want at least a few days using the system before releasing a full review…so I wouldn’t expect it for a few days.


Even nathie still hasn’t released his review, been like a week now!


I bet u wont see any for a while… :wink:


Personally I just don’t see Nathie recommending this to his audience. He’s more focused on PSVR game play reviews. I bet he’s using it daily for porn though :slight_smile:


Its just common sense, he has kid audience, kids dont care about enthusiasts VR headsets.


Kids probably want high end VR but just can’t afford it .


I bet you one of those kids will grow up , become a VR game developer and think of something that no one else has thought of and become the next Ed Boon or John Carmack of VR Games. :smile:


Good to see an understanding of what a review is or isn’t.

Thanks for the link useful impression!