UK backers lies



UK backers please .

We have to do something this is unacceptable.
We are just answering a post that they would not read.
I want to create a topic for UK backers, i want Pimax to send headsets to us, the one they claim to have in stock in OUR country.
All the backers and preorders could get delayed but hey, why should we be the only one?
we have been here from the start and blablabla…they don’t care.Someone in the world is actually Using OUR pledge!!!
Only if we unit we have a chance, random posting will not change a thing.

Hope haters will stay out of this, this is a clear LIE and it is unacceptable, country or culture or even is not an excuse.

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


Yes, i am very very angry if you ask me…:rage:


Relax man, go outside for a walk, breathe the fresh air.

It’s not like waiting for a kidney transplant.


i did already mate and i am still a happy man don’t worry.
Going out for a walk again will not change a thing :slight_smile:
There is no fresh air here in London i am afraid…


Funny that you mention that, I am in need of a heart transplant and my surgeon requires the Pimax in order to practice. Please Pimax, please, my life depends on you.


Yeah I’ve heard. Lots of fresh air in here, in fact a bit too fresh lately, some places had -36C :cold_face:


With this temperatures you should have slept thru the winter and wake up in March with your headset.


Naah I still need to wake up for the routine spam folder check.


I am not going to get all beat up about it. It is frustrating and would have prefered a bit more transparancy but I think they were afraid to upset us. Whats happened is that we are now more upset now then if they were a bit more transparant in the first place.

But I can live the the wait. Not the end of the world to be honest and it gives me a bit more time to get a GPU that will run it.


You just triggered me to go check again


Last person who did lie to me got the hell out of my life.
We die once, not time for BS.
I just want my headset and then it will be like Amazon, i ll contact you if i have an issue.
Was a supporter and really did believe in them.
We are all different i know and accept it, but lies is another level.


I hope you don’t class me as a hater for saying this as it’s not my intention, but it’s a kickstarter campaign, not Amazon. If you think it’s so easy go out and try setting up a tech company producing truly groundbreaking VR headsets from scratch. I agree their communication is appalling 90% of the time, but give them some credit, you could have ended up with nothing.

I’m waiting on the 8K, but as I’m 100% confident I will get it at this point I’m not imploding with rage at a few weeks delay when it’s already a year late.


Not at all and i understand what you mean.
I already know this is not amazon.What i mean is once they had our headset sent to us and arrived to warehouse they decided to send them to other backers in order to replace faulty units…
this is what i don’t accept, and even less when i got 4 updates saying my headset was on way to me since 2 of January.
Time will say and hope you get yours in time, i am just worried that with just so few 8k’s if some goes faulty then they will inevitably be delay, and good luck with getting real answer then.


I am not going to be that bothered about it. Everyone lies, I have never come accross anyone that doesn’t and I find the people that say they don’t lie are the biggest liars of all in my experience.

Its the reason why people lie is whats important. I don’t think Pimax were deliberately trying to be nasty and hurtful or to get us upset on purpose.


We are all different and i respect that, got my opinion thats it.


I remember Matthew few weeks ago if not wrong saying that it wasn’t fair on them stating that i was felling like they lied to me, then is that fair on us now ?
Situation is very clear,

UK pledges have been sent to backers, we have decided to use those as replacement units for other backers
and we will keep telling them that the headset is on he is way and then we will see after holidays.


Hell yeah, people who are massaging facts are worth having around in your personal life. They’re so much fun, you’ll never know what will happen next, just that it will be different. Accountability equals oppression.


It’s annoying - but in my case, seeing as the lighthouses, controllers, prescription lens frame & new headband are still not road-mapped for delivery, there’s no hurry on the HMD!


Our best shot is to ask @PimaxUSA to get answers before Chinese holidays about the UK delivery - as stated there is a shipment to UK that should cover all UK 5K+s and if it suppose to arrive to UK in 10 days, i.e. around 8th February.

Now we need to know if this shipment can be sent to UK backers without Pimax input due to the holidays or it have to wait until Pimax people will be back from holidays. The reason I think this is the case, is that the latest spreadsheet does have tracking numbers for local deliveries only, so it seems like Pimax is arranging local deliveries after the shipments are arriving at the local warehouses like UK.

Best case scenario - we can get our 5K+ around 16 of February (take 5 -7 days for custom clearance and local delivery). Worst case scenario - around mid March if deliveries will be arranged after holidays and customs clearance and local delivery will take around 2 weeks.


I’m doing the lens mod on my Vive Pro to take my mind off the wait. I’ve got visitors this weekend and have already promised them mind blowing VR that is unavailable for purchase in the open market.

So the only way I can keep my word is to do the lens mod…or to get a DPD delivery.