UK backers lies



Will only a Pimax headset do because they spotted a strange dot pattern in the scans?


Yes because of the enhanced sharpness and contrast it’ll be much better at guiding the surgeon’s hand.


I hope the good doctor didn’t learn his trade in Surgeon Simulator


Never said their was a hurry even if i admit it i want my headset.
What gets me is the lies and trying to make me feel bad for felling it.
Don’t be fooled here, there is no way they didn’t know what was happening and they deiced not to say the truth.
my batch was meant to be from December, Pimax USA talks about the 2 wekss old batch, but now our batch will be here in 8/10 days and this means its 1 day old (see pictures in shipment update in Dallas post).


With the shortage of doctors these days, you have to lower your expectations.


I believe he personally wasn’t aware about this U.K. delivery situation, remember he said he want to find out himself whats going on. That was last week, on Thursday maybe. Since no news from him about this, though.


When a costumer blames me for one of my mistakes i take the blame and try to find out what happened, even if was my colleagues fault.
what i talk about was 3 weeks ago, he said he would try to find out 4 days ago and when he probably did…well we all know.

Edit : that costumer helped me create my company product :slight_smile:


Bloody actors - can’t trust them either :laughing:


Are you in a clothing business?


i agree :joy:


Why clothing ?
i help my partner with her floristry business.
and i do more things on the side, computer/DJ/forklift driver/Mecanic/translator/Pt…and more
Can’t stick to one thing :sweat_smile:

Edit: i also make 2/3 DOF sims if anyone interested :wink:


Customer - one who is a recipient of services or products from a company or individual for money
Costumer - one who designs or deals in costumes


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Pimax got lucky there.


not funny :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I love it when a plan comes together. I am immediately proven to be correct :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just do what the British do best. Queue up and wait politely :smiley:


Yeah lol, absolutely right mate, i am French by the way :wink:

(leaving in March)


Yeah no rushing into leaving passengers like it is required to board chinese subway trains. Or having friends que up in a different lane, so you can take the spot of whoever is served first. I’d do the same if I had to compete with a billion people.


Hmmmm… is that fact or speculation?

You know, if the reverse was true you would be just as angry… if you received your Pimax HMD as an earlier backer but the unit was faulty and couldn’t use it but were told you had to wait so that backers after you got theirs first before you got a replacement… YOU WOULD STILL BE ANGRY! In this particular case, it’s a no-win situation for Pimax.


Let’s be honest, it’s been a no win situation since November 2017.