UK backers lies



I don’t know about those backers such as myself who actually received their unit for a while now. Maybe if I wasn’t happy with my Pimax units… i would agree. My 5K+ which arrived faulty was replaced fairly quickly… happy about that too.


They did confirm that they used those orders to replace faulty units. But you are right, If I got mine delivered and it was faulty, I would want it replaced immediately, not have to wait a month for a new unit.

I have just learned in my old age to just chill out and wait. Good things come to those who wait lol.

I went through the horrendous launch of the Vive back in the day, and with that I went through the whole anger thing and shouting at HTC on twitter etc. Because of that they ended up screwing up my payment details, charged me twice and reset my order to the back of the list lol.

Pimax are doing the best they can, and for a kickstater they are doing pretty good. They actually have a product that they are shipping out!! We should all just be thankful :D.

Now if they could just post mine out this week, that would be great :wink:


Wasn’t sure about that… thanks for the info!


how would anyone know… but he is right something is fishy about the whole thing.

where? that would be just crazy!


Why would that be fishy if his unit was given to an earlier backer that received a faulty unit? I can understand that’s really annoying… but I don’t think that’s fishy. Just policy.


It’s not fishy when it’s just one or a few units.


you find that an acceptable policy? well I got my replacement directly from shanghai via ups but my initial hmd from uk. is there a policy?


Yes I’m 100% confident I’ll get it, as to quality, issues etc. then I’m not so confident…


Message from PimaxUSA in another thread:

"A considerable percentage of the recently landed UK devices were used as replacements for devices that required repair or replacement. In almost all cases a new unit from the warehouse was simply dispatched to the customer as a replacement. This depleted the available UK supply to cover the deliveries.

The good news is a shipment is on the way that should arrive at the transit location in 8-10 days that contains more than enough for warranty and deliveries."

They are trying to be as honest as they can so I personally respect them for that. Your opinion may vary :slight_smile:


If I was backer #10XX and I received a faulty unit and was told that I had to wait until after backer 5XXX received his unit to get my replacement… I would be upset about that.

With regards to where the unit is shipped…we are talking about Europe now. As I recall due to VAX tax and stuff isn’t there more penalties having it shipped direct from Shanghai? Again, I don’t know. We don’t have those issues in the US but I’ve read plenty of Europeans talking about this. But to answer your quesetion… yes, I do think it’s an acceptable policy. But that doesn’t mean I would very happy being one of those backers who was bumped yet again… I would grin and bare it.


This is the comment what confirmed it. It’s sad news but Im happy to just get the real reason for the delay. No more speculation about UK customs and stuff


PimaxUSA confirmed all the units previously slotted for UK backers have instead been used to replace faulty units of those already delivered. I’m fine with that as I agree faulty units should be replaced immediately (though they should have issued a statement saying as much for those expecting delivery). What I’m not fine with is that the units they’re replacing are for those with higher backer numbers. There are multiple UK backers claiming to have still not received their hmds with 1XXX backer numbers…now they’re told their units were sent to replace those across Europe with higher backer numbers? You only have to have a brief scroll through of these forums or the reddit to see there are backers all over Europe (who’s headsets go through the UK warehouse) receiving their hmds with backer numbers as high as 4XXX, so why are these taking priority over 1XXX backer numbers in the UK?


Once you start you better go ALL the way.

When something doesn’t makes sense it’s pushing my buttons. And here it’s just like shooting fish in a barrel.


I’ve seen at least 3 UK backers claiming to have not got their hmd in the past week with 1XXX backer numbers in a different thread about UK deliveries…then this ^ was apparently the explanation. Meanwhile look how many EU backers are saying they have received theirs with much higher backer numbers :frowning:


Pimax not shipping units in backer order seems like a different issue than what was being discussed at this point… using the UK as a warehouse for Europe makes this matter more complicated. Pimax did say there were over 1000 people who didn’t respond to their questionnaire and then there was that whole survey fiasco… but again, not going by backer number is wrong… that I agree with and was not part of any policy I would agree with.


If they would have come clean a long time ago it would have been much better. This constant cycle of hope and disappoint is so much more annoying. Besides being emotionally draining it’s also wasting time.


I mean, it seems like this is the sole cause of the issue in the first place tbh. It’s because they shipped out the higher backer numbers across the EU first, that the UK units with lower backer numbers still aren’t being delivered as their units are being used as replacements. They’re unlikely to admit to not following the backer order, but there isn’t really another conclusion to come to from the evidence we have on this forum.


I don’t think so… i think the number of faulty units itself is the sole cause of this and that’s something Pimax didn’t count on. And also… Pimax did say that they send units out in batches by country due to shipping costs,etc so in effect that does break the backer number chain.


well I got my replacement directly from shanghai via ups but my initial hmd from uk. is there a policy? I would not find that ok to get another backers headset and the poor guy still waiting.

and a considerable percentage kevin says… I was told the failurerate is 3% at the moment which I don’t believe a second. my personal failurerate is 2 out of 2.


Dunno if you are just unlucky but spamenigma is also on his 3rd unit. Also many people who were happy to get their unit, reported dead pixels soon after.