UK backers lies



Apparently there is a policy… and I commend you for willing to wait extra months to receive your unit to backers who came long after you. I do think you’re a minority in that aspect though!

Same here… don’t buy it!


But that wouldn’t matter if they followed the order. Those with lower numbers would have their hmd in order like they should have. Doesn’t matter if they’re faulty or not, those who should have received their hmd by now would instead now have a replacement and the higher backer numbers would be the ones waiting for a hmd in the first place.

While that makes sense for shipping to somewhere like Australia, it doesn’t make any sense considering all EU hmds come through the warehouse in the UK so it has no affect on this issue.


@PimaxUSA already confirmed that number to be false in another thread (the other UK topic one), though didn’t say what the real figure actually is


Again, that is different topic when this post began… but I would like actual statistics before I would hammer Pimax on that. Reading forums of angry people don’t really work for me as facts. But I’m sure there were people who were screwed. I just don’t think OP was one of them.

So are all Pimax HMD’s being sent out individually to all other European countries from England? Meaning direct from England to say the home of someone from Norway?


I mean there are 5K+ in warehouses they say. If the failurerate would be in the single figures they could compensate easily with stock. And after all think about the retail preorders… Pimax sent out mails to preorders a week ago saying they are starting to ship January 25th. All of this doesn’t add up and as always Pimax has a massive comm issue on all fronts.

until now, yes all of the EU devices come from the UK.


It is just another lie of lie of a lie. Haven’t we been told that there are enough surplus Units in the oversea warehouses so that everyone will receive his 5K+ basically this week. They even encouraged people to switch from the 8K to 5K+ last week with the same claim that there are so many 5K+ Units left over in the oversea warehouse so that they send them out immediately.
Guess what it was just another lie there are not even enough Units in the warehouse to deliver to the already switched backers let alone to the backers who needed a replacement.
Instead they now use later backer Units to replace faulty early backer Units and the wait for us continues with lie after lie. Meanwhile 8K and 5K+ Units are sold in Korea with a sprayed on BE label.

Wonder how often i need to read that my Unit is on the way to the oversea warehouse… it’s like Groundhog Day.


Are there pics of this?


I own one of them…


Pics of what? Of the sprayed on BE lable? It is not engraved just a bit of color there is no physical diverence.

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I’m not convinced of that…


I think that was people jumping to the wrong conclusion - as usual the statement was vague enough to make us THINK they meant they were in the warehouse when actually they had enough on the way_ to the warehouse.


Again…not really, it appears to be the direct cause of the issue being discussed here. The original topic was UK pedges are being used to replace other peoples - I’m pointing out it’s because they apparently shipped to the higher numbers first, thereby causing the issue as they’re still catering to the higher numbers by now shipping our hmds as their replacements. If they were shipping them in backer order, there’d be UK pedges that would have been also been included in those already shipped, therefore no issue in the first place.

No idea, but the UK ones are dispatched separately from that warehouse via DPD making it irrelevant , in regards to this disscussion, whether units are bulk sent from the warehouse to other countries.


OP did not say say he’s unhappy that later backers have received his unit but instead he’s being forced to wait while the unit he thought would be shipped to him goes to replace a faulty unit. In fact, I don’t think in any of comments does he state that. Never mentions backer numbers.

I’m not even sure what that means… but when it comes to shipping hassles and VAT taxes, etc… the only thing that comes to my mind… “God bless America”!!!


You might need to try reaing the OP’s post again then. He made no mention of his issue being that they were used as replacements. His issue was UK pedge’s hmds being used by other people in the world, you know, like sending a 1XXX UK backers hmd to backer 4XXX in Germany…seems like you need to learn some reading comprehension dude.

Eh? Have you not watched the news in the past year and seen the trade war the US started (and is currently losing) with China, that’s still costing thousands of jobs across America? Yeh, the EU doesn’t have that problem. Plus, more to the point, the issue being discussed here hasn’t got anything to do with shipping or VAT, the units were already in the warehouse here in the UK.


No it is what it is they are simply not telling us the truth.

8K backers - our suppliers and logistic agencies are about to shut down for holiday. We will ship a new batch to our UK, US, and HK warehouses after the Spring Festival.
If you prefer to change to 5K+, please let know asap, better this month, before the holiday in Feb. you can get your headset at least ONE MONTH earlier if you switch to 5K+.
Some facts:

  • we have enough inventory for 5K+;
  • we will start pre-order shipping soon;
  • backers love 5K+! Here are the most recent reviews:


His next answer will be that it is due to karma…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I was thinking the same of you… “What i mean is once they had our headset sent to us and arrived to warehouse they decided to send them to other backers in order to replace faulty units…”

Yea… unemployment in the US is the lowest its been in over 40 years… and the rest of your comment is seriously flawed as well but I have no intentions on getting into a political debate because it annoyed you that I said “God bless America”!


I’m glad you said and not me…


let me try something,
@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu, where is my headset please ?


The first mentioning I am aware of is here, and it is much clearer.