UK backers lies



Ahh thanks that was the post i was looking for.


Karma would have lost my headset, not lied to me :slight_smile:
this would be bad karma for karma


Nah… “back of the bus” is just the right enough karma


So this mean that al uk backers have to wait because of me…??? lol
i think you give me too much credit :wink:

at least we are back on topic.


Well… according to several here… there are much later backers than you who already have their HMD in Europe… they even claim that is what you’re topic is about.

But I have to admit, you’ve been much more temped today than in the past… I really do wish better karma for you!


At the end of the day what really matters here is the lie.
Yes been vocal and some have been way more than me.
Been told like others that the headset was on his way about a month ago.
And now radio silence from Dallas and Matthew.

They have stock here and i really expect them to contact warehouse and send headset to UK backers.
not in 8/10 days, they should contact them today in my opinion.
@Dallas.Hao, waiting for answer mate.


thank you, appreciate that.


I was thinking the same of you… “What i mean is once they had our headset sent to us and arrived to warehouse they decided to send them to other backers in order to replace faulty units…”

What does that have to do with you misunderstanding the entire point? If they followed the order (which they didn’t and I pointed out) UK pledges would have had theirs sent to them first in their backer order, meaning 4XXX backer in germany isn’t using backer 1XXX UK’s headset, That’s inherently an issue from not following the backer order. The ‘replacements’ issue is a knock on affect from it, adding to the issue, not the cause of it.

Yea… unemployment in the US is the lowest its been in over 40 years… and the rest of your comment is seriously flawed as well but I have no intentions on getting into a political debate because it annoyed you that I said “God bless America”!

I don’t have a problem with your politics at all lol, I commented as you were just plainly wrong - You made out that the EU has a problem with VAT and taxes when it comes to imports from China and the US doesn’t, in fact it’s the complete opposite. That’s not political, that’s just fact. Tbh, if anything were to annoy me in that sentence, it would be the reference to a fictional character, but that’s something I didn’t actually comment on. But believe what you want dude, only person that seems to be “annoyed” is yourself when you got corrected :S

Plus, in the spirit of education please read the following:


If you say so… Not getting into a political debate with you on a VR technical website where we both could publish articles disputing the other. What you’re doing is not educational… it’s propaganda! You want this debate?.. start it on the General area of this forum.


You said EU had some sort of issue regarding VAT and taxes regarding a shipment from China…there was no such issue, the headsets where already here. You then claimed US somehow doesn’t have any of those problems and is somehow better when it comes to receiving imports from China. Simply pointing out the complete opposite of what you said is the truth isn’t “political” lol.


He just likes to troll things up.


we should be asking for answer guys not fighting between us.
i would also kindly suggest that backers who already got their pledges does not comment here.
unless they really feel the need to say something constructive.
Created that topic to get answers from Dallas.


The warehouse is doing fine!


Lol mate LMFAO, forgot about this one :joy::sob:


At least now you know what was meant just not the answer y̶o̶u̶ we were looking for.:wink::rofl:


So you’ve also reached ad hominem stage?


Are you even a real backer?


Can’t see why it should matter, but regrettably yes. Thanks for not responding to what I said.


I am taking the community’s advice & ignoring trolling behavior.

I will not bother with your posts until either
A) you have a headset
B) something useful to the forums. I will however deal with flag posts should they arise due to poor content.

Anyone bothered by him please use kopa’s script & flag where necessary.


Unfortunatelly you guys are teeing it up all the time, would have been nice if you had come clean a long time ago.
And I am adding something, namedly getting people back on the carpet because being sold hope again and again and then let down is behavior not befitting to a company. Maybe you can talk sense to the guys at Pimax.
Would love to never visit this place again, make it happen.