UK backers lies



As the op if you need topic cleaned up send me the post numbers.


i will, thanks for that .


@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu, where is my headset please ?


He is on is way to overseas warehouse, you will get tracking info soo.
Be advised!!!
warehouse is doing fine :slight_smile:


Every batch could be in its own container. Each container could be on its own ship. Each ship could leave Port from China on different days. Each ship could travel at different speeds. There could be 5 ships each with containers, each overtaking each other on route. No one apart from those captains knows where each ship is and as every day passes the ice caps melt and ocean levels get higher and the distance between destinations get further and further as ships get further away from the center of the Earth. I don’t know where I’m going with this but I sometimes wonder how many people who backed the Kickstarter died before their HMD arrived, never knowing the awesomeness Pimax was destined to bring.


:rofl:,pity us UK backers didn’t say that when we paid our pledges


I think they take all non UK but EU backers first because of Brexit - and I also think it is wise to do so. Probably you will get headset after brexit but still customs free. All EU backers would be upset if they waited after Brexit and added taxes etc. Hopefully Pimax change their shipping method after brexit. And I think it is sad that UK leave EU so no debate - just my theory of UK shipping.


Pimax is doing my head in , no doubt . But I
don’t think Dallas , Matthew or Pimax USA are at fault . They are doing the best they can with the information they have and are allowed to share . The problem is with upper management .
Where is Robin ?


If we leave EU with some sort of deal, things won’t change until late 2020
Transition period will be in force


Is there upper management ? never heard of it.
I still remember the “Next week everything will be better” (3 weeks ago).
How could they not be aware that our headsets were used as replacement units and if that is the case they should do everything they can to correct it or at least say something.
But no…radio silence again.
@Dallas.Hao i kindly ask you to contact warehouse and arrange delivery asap.


So is bulletball… hmmm


Hi @Dallas.Hao and @Matthew.Xu,
i think you had time to read the all topic by now, i want to know why you used my headset to replace faulty unit.
I also would like you to contact warehouse and send my headset to me.
Thank you.

Waiting for answer


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@Dallas.Hao can i get an answer, or you will ignore me ?