UK backers lies



They don’t seem to like questions they don’t want to answer


So maybe we should all ask together until answer…


We should all send pm at same time, we’ve asked here in many places but get ignored, I’ve pm’d Dallas and Mathew but they can’t be bothered to reply, we’ve been shafted and that’s all there is too it


Naaa this will not work cause they probably have inbox already full…
@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


Yeah - I’ve asked just one simple question, alas no answers so far:


Think sentence is too long
We need a simple topic withe question about UK backers and lie


I did think that :slight_smile:
Topic title/question is small though… and I’m assuming @PimaxUSA / Kevin is an English speaker?


yeah but US is 8h less and China 8h more…
Sounds funny that USA helping China with importation regarding the UK (brexit) lol

Edit: yes Kevin is an English speaker.


I think Kevin is in Pimax headquarters now, so asking him the question is a good idea.


To be fare I don’t think Pimax care now. They’re gone, they’re on the boat, they’re out of sight out of mind.

The only people who can update us is the UK warehouse and they don’t post here because as soon as they get them they post them on to either Tom Dick or Harry, what do they care?

We in the UK have just got to sit and wait until the ships land and the holes are filled.


I think you hit the point, if they truley sent to warehouse the headoffice couldn’t do anything. So I also wait for my but I am not from UK. Maybe all Backers from UK could combine there manpower and help the dockers to sent the HMDs to the rest of us all. After this you all will feel better when arriving home and setup your HMD that will handed out after work. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Based on the Backer Tracker, dont know if people still add to that though.

Of the ______85 UK backers____only 22 have received their headset. The last one being on 8-Jan-2019
Whilst out of 245 US backers _______64 have received theirs, ______________ last one on 29-Jan
And of the __302 European backers, 100 have received their, _______________ last one on 25-Jan

Again not everyone has posted, and not everyone has updated this spreadsheet.


theres a box at the back reported to have Jean-Mehd,s pimax in getting some real special treatment image :joy: no more than you deserve ay


Unfortunately I would also have to add the disclaimer that the country column is inaccurate.


lol yeah it’s a complete mess, had mine as NL not UK
So that’s completely useless now.


i always get special treatment :wink: :joy:


Remember that there are plenty kickstarter accessories shipped post-brexit. I hope Pimax has planned for a separate EU warehouse already, it’s a bigger market than UK.


to be honest i could not care less for the accessories.
will not wait a year again for stuff and be pending off deliveries, wasted enough time.
I prefer to spend some money on a DAS and an eye tracking module or even a bit more in a wireless one, who knows when those would even be ready.
Like i said i just want my headset and also keep in touch with some people on the forum, but regarding Pimax i am done.


At least they have a sense of humour…I mean, why else would they have a picture of an aeroplane with the word “Speed” written above it on their wall?


ok whats a das ,i know if i goggle it washing powder adverts galore in my search panels
ok did it just lots of insurance