UK backers lies



Vive Deluxe Audio Strap.


ahh now i get it and ahh i sold mine when i got ride of my vive :disappointed: simply no planning this


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UK backer no 1333, written few times to Pimax, no answer to my question if you sent 5,055 headsets, where is no 1333. I do research at Cambridge University and need this headset for research not for playing games!

We are running out of time for it and have to change tactics, it’s a shame as I should have been working on this by now. Has anyone in UK received theirs?

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UK backer here too. Same boat as you but I did put in a support ticket a couple week ago which said you are expected to receive your tracking no. by the end of this month.

Still nothing though


I’m also a UK backer (Backer #1043).

I backed the 8K-X headset, but was sent an email (on November 30th) about requesting a loaner headset until it is available.
I selected an 8K headset for my loaner, provided my address details etc. but have not received a tracking number.

When will the remaining 8K headsets begin to be dispatched to UK backers, and other backers across the world?

I’ve been patiently waiting, but I can see that the complexity of this operation is overwhelming Pimax, so I thought that increasing the signal-to-noise ratio of the issue might get things resolved more quickly.

Since many of the Pimax headsets are located in the UK, why are UK backers waiting?
You may have organised some kind of international logistics operation, but just for efficiency, sending to backers within the UK first could have helped resolve headset issues more quickly, for other backers outside of the UK.

EDIT: Ok, I can see that the headset is in the ‘building’ phase from the spreadsheet on here:

@Dallas.Hao Is Pimax finding it very difficult to build the 8K headsets? Just judging by the volume that still need to be made.


In this Video from CES2019 Kevin Henderson aka PimaxUSA tells in this interview shipping takes 3 weeks each way. That’s not the 10 days Pimax have previously been telling us. More lies?


At least he has been trying to help, but have to admit that i didn’t find his answers very professional regarding my shipping and yesterday’s picture…This won’t work with European costumers.
Anyway , i don’t think it’s nice for him to take the blame for Pimax’s behaviour, too many lies and hiding.
Day 2 after CNY and not even a word from Dallas and Matthew.
No matter if we get tracking number tomorrow or in 2 weeks, at least show up and say something.


Each piece of info I’ve provided here is solid. 2 Stage shipments to the USA from China takes a long time. Neil was asking me about what the need is for a US Service center. You have to get through US customs then to the freight forwarder then ground ship to the customer.

Instead for the NA market we will stock inventory in mass within the US warehouses via large ocean freight shipments and immediately dispatch devices to customers from localized shippers.

I know that being accused of things is part of the job and as I’ve said that is always the most difficult part of it. It really is bizarre how simply comparing USA freight cycles can be morphed into something negative for the UK.


So what happened to the shipment for EU backers that should have arrived in 8-10 days?

That statement was 17 days ago and we are still waiting for a life sign of our headsets.
True some backers got their headsets but far from all and even more annoying pre-orders are delivered while i go in the next weekend waiting for my headset.

Meanwhile Dallas and Matthew have gone completely silent and are ignoring valid questions why the shipment is not forwarded to backers and pre orders are delivered.

So since you are here and a representative of Pimax could you get us some information what went wrong this time before the weekend? My patience to play a long those excuses went out the window at the time the pre-orders shipped.


i cant understand if all kickstarter headsets are made and shipped how come so many still await their headsets the info is confusing to most of us i think


I was asked to do research to try to answer the question about where the UK headset shipment was and to determine for certain if it really left before CNY. Included in my analysis was the total number shipped, how many UK backers were tagged to receive and more.

My answer was proven factual and many, many people in the UK got their tracking numbers and deliveries.

I didn’t analyze headsets or bulk shipments destined for other places.


Indeed & based on the numbers you provided it appears less than 25% of :uk: backers are in this forum. Something that seems to be ignored. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Your help was appreciated :kissing_heart:


I got my UK delivery yesterday. 5k+

Very nice.

A shame some backers are still waiting though.


going to give us a review?


Indeed always terrible to be part of the waiting group. Just like watching others opening xmas presents hoping one under the tree is yours.


Hello UK Pimax backers,
I did receive my 5K+ (Thank you Pimax team). I know people are impatient. It is worth the wait, and these guys are genuine. I needed it for research, my supervisor was pressing to move-on and get refund, but I said we’ll wait, I’m glad I did. Now I’m waiting for the accessories (LEAP MOTION) but the main thing is that I can start working with the headset. So UK backers hopefully yours is coming next…


Can I ask what backer number you are?


As I mentioned it earlier on this tread… I was no. 1333. But I should add that they blocked me from writing them in the support and I think they don’t have enough resources to deal with all the requests. So even though I tried to contact them (to thank them) I’m not able to do it. It’s a messy situation when you are dealing with thousands of requests. Please note that as someone said earlier, it takes 3-4 weeks for the unit to reach you from when they send it. So add that to the expected delivery.