Unable to connect Pimax4K with streamvr


Hi Heliosurge, i’m glad to see your answer, but i have already reinstal several time steamvr with no success. Any specific method maybe ?


Hi ! It was so simply ! shame on me !! LOL. In fact i had the 3druder driver installed and it made stem vr crazy… All its ok now, with the latest pimax and nvidia drivers.

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What is tge 3druder driver?


it s about the 3drudder item. have a look on the net. it’s a new controler for vr using our feet.


that sounds like something @Pimax-Support @bacon should be aware of! pinging them so they are aware.



Apart from having to unplug my Pimax during the latest NVIDIA driver update, everything is working ok.
However when I updated the NIVIDA drivers with Pimax plugged in, it made my PC go crazy, requiring a power cycle (without Pimax plugged in).


It will be good that pimax 4k support also 3drudder as this item can do that even if you play seated, you Can overpass the roomscale limit and move everywhere in the game area.

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Hi,thanks for your progress on the connection problem, We will submit it to our bug system.Have a good day!:slight_smile:



Wondering if anyone can help, since I have upgraded the PiMax software I seem to be getting the above issue. Under Device it actually shows the device as disconnected.

My current setup is as follows:
Windows Version Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0) Professional 64-bit (Build 17134)
DirectX Version 12.0
Number of cores 4 (max 4)
Number of threads 8 (max 8)
Name Intel Core i7 4820K
Codename Ivy Bridge-E
Specification Intel® Core™ i7-4820K CPU @ 3.70GHz
Package (platform ID) Socket 2011 LGA (0x2)
Core Speed 4288.2 MHz
Northbridge Intel Ivy Bridge-E rev. 04
Southbridge Intel X79 rev. 05
Graphic Interface PCI-Express
Graphics Cards 2 X AMD Radeon R9 295X2 (4 GPUS)


With piplay for now use the newest one has more ghosting & users like yourself reporting connection issues.