Unable to detect HMD... again



The HMD was working fine after the last issue I had with ([SOLVED] Worsening HMD detection issues) and was even working the day before. I’m on the latest nVidia drivers for my 2080 Ti + 5K+ HMD with PiTool 112. Then yesterday the system just couldn’t detect the HMD. I went through the same t-shooting steps I did which was quite annoying:

The pitool diagnose’s only error was the “Video Protocol: Unknown”

  1. Uninstall PiTool
  2. Delete all the pitool and pimax directories in %AppData% for the 2 user accounts
  3. Delete the C:\ProgramData\Pimax data
  4. Reinstalled nVidia drivers

Still no luck after 40 mins of t-shooting. I heard that 112 was flaky based on someone’s post so I uninstalled and cleared all the directories again and I went back to Pitool FW 193.

Wala! It now detects the HMD. I know this is a complex issue but why is it so flaky? Is it just me?

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