Unboxing of Index Controlers

Hmm ok they are also updating themselfs now.
But I think PiTool is stuck(or steam vr) since i dont get an Image out any more. I thing its trying to locate the HMD now via LH (makes sense since normally you dont have controllers and HMD and then no LH Tracking - but you can…

@Matthew.Xu do you thing that could be cought in PiTool?
HMD and Index Controllers but no LH? It seems the HMD then stays in Standby.
Its not important, but messy if you cant use you HMD anymore (unless taking the controller out of the config again).

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I haven’t got Index controllers, whish i had :wink:

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Hi Marc,

Thank you for your feedback.

We know this bug. The R&D team is solving it. Thank you.


Thanks Matthew! 202020