Undecided and need clarification on survey. No longer banking on StarVR :(


Hi guys…as I backer of the 8K-X, I was originally going to wait patiently until it drops, and get the StarVR in the meantime. But now, with the recent news that StarVR is in serious trouble, I think it would behoove me to just cave in and get a Pimax Headset now rather than take a chance and wait until whatever happens with StarVR.

Soooooo…with that having been said, Pimax just sent me the survey and I need clarification on one thing…in the survey, question number 4 says the following:

"Now you have a second chance to make a choice: Which model you pick?

1-No Change
2-5K Plus
4-5K BE"

As an 8K-X backer, if I choose the “5K Plus” option, does that mean they will send me a 5K Plus as a LOANER, with the option to send it back later, or does it mean they are sending me a 5K Plus to PERMANENTLY keep, with NO option to trade it back in for the 8K-X?

Please let me know.


Good idea to poke @Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao


i am pretty sure 5k+ would be a loaner in your case :slight_smile:


I am in the same situation. I choosed ‘No Change’ and wrote them via their Ticket System that i want to stick on my 8k-X Full Package with Motion Sensor , but instead of loaning the 8k i’d like to have the 5k+. No response to the Ticket yet.

I don’t want to risk anything, so this is the fail safe method.


If you didn’t purchase the loaner then it should be just a loaner.

@industria & @Chucksta are both 8k-X backers as mem serves


could you explain it Heliosurge? I am in the same situation, in the survey said clearly “you have a second chance to make achoice” not what loaner do you want.


Unless it has changed since the 2 above backers mentioned.

If during the kickstarter you paid extra to keep the loaner & 8k-X. The Loaner headset is what the survey is about until the 8k-X is ready.

But with the uncertainty of things here at times. Doesn’t hurt to ask the team to clarify.

Both Industria & Chucksta are 8k-X backers whom received loaner/keeper headsets at present.


@TheHolyOne @icebeat

As a 8k-x backer i have replied clearly and short: ‘Im 8kx backer, i want to have a loan unit that i will need to sent back later, please send me 8k as loan’.
Got a confirmation mail.

Then i have changed my mind regardless the version and sent another mail saying i want 5k+ instead 8k as a loan unit.
Got another confirmation.

Everything went smooth and quickly and as i know it should be offered to every 8k-x backer, as further replacement and shipping costs are already included to the 8k-x price.

Shipping back the unit won’t be free and must be paid by a user, and you will most likely have to send to the nearerst warehouse, which might reduce exchanging time.


Thanks for the replies guys. I went ahead and chose the 5K Plus option in the survey, and then immediately sent them an email reply letting them know I want the 5K Plus but as a loaner ONLY.


This was their answer to my question if I can buy the loaner instead of returning it.

“Thanks for your support in Pimax. You can choose to keep the loaner 5K/8K instead of returning of returning it in the future.
Please be advised.”

Make of that what you will.


Be advised in Pimax means to “we’ll get back to you” or “we don’t know just yet, hold on”
If I’m not mistaken.